Surin trip nov -02


Apr 27, 2003
Thursday Nov 14;
Jeff and I met at Siamsuperbike. Jeff had a brand new BMW 1150 R, a
real beauty. I havn't found a bike yet, so Peter let me borrow a
Buell Cyclone. I had to wait for some papers so we didn't get away
until 2.30 pm. I started the bike and it was shaking like a wet dog
before it went away.
We went east on Sukhumwit until we went north on Rd 314 to
Chachoensao and then Rd 304 towards Kabinburi. Under 80 km/h it was a
pain in the a.. to ride the Buell, over 120 it was OK. But since
Jeff's bike was new, he woudn'd ride more than 90-100. A comfortable
speed for him, he thought. (A brother for you, Shinji?)
At Kabinburi we went east to Sa Kaew and Aranya Prathet. The last 30
minutes we rode in dark and wet roads.
We checked in at Aran Garden 2, 150 Bath for a room with fan. It's
not a castle, but it was worth the money. They allowed us to take the
bikes inside the lobby.
Dinner at Siam guesthouse, a nice place. 450 B for four main courses
and two large bottles of Heiniken. After that we walked the main road
and ssaw some place that looked like some karaoke, so we went inside.
It was the local go-go bar! Five girls, fully dressed, sitting
watching TV, no other costumers. One started dancing when we came,
still watching TV, even when they showed commersials! We must be the
most boring farangs ever shoved up there, I thought.
Large beers, three cokes and one packet of cigarettes for some bored
ladies for 350 B. Bye bye.
Farter on the main road, next to our hotel, we found a place with
some 20 girls (and a few lady-boys) were working. Also here we were
the only costumers. But they gave it all, singing and dancing as they
had a big audiance. Some proposals were turned down (by us) and to
bed at 11.30 pm.

Fri 15;
We started with going to check the border. A lot of child beggars
made us leave quickly. We went Rd 348 north to Nang Rong, then east
on Hw 24. A detour to Panom Rung, some ruins of a Khmer temple from
the 12'th century. 40 B entrance and hot as hell.
At Prasat we turned north on Rd 214 leading to Surin.
We went to the bus station to wait for a friend of Jeff (a girl).
We checked in at Petchkasem Hotel. 1200 Bath for a clean, big room
including A/C, (thai)TV, breakfast and dinner buffets.
I had contact with Brian coming from Ubon with his girlfriend. They
were staying at some other hotel.
In the evening we went to some festival area and had some beers
there. There were a lot of people at the place and we had some beers.
Jeff and Pem went back to the hotel at 10.30 pm, but I had party in
my blood. So, I mingled with some thai people, went to see some thai
rock consert and was drinking with new found friends. Back to the
hotel at 2.30 am.

Sat 16;
Jeff and Pem went to see the elephant show in the early morning. I
had an elephant show of my own in the room, so I didn't bother. Brian
woke me up for breakfast, we chatted a bit, his gf invited me to Loi
Krathong in Ubon, then back to the elephants in my room.
Lunch with Jeff, Pem, Brian and his gf. After that, Brian and his gf
went off to Si Saket, a trip in heavy rain I guess.
We took a walk, but were stopped by this rain. Back to the hotel for
an afternoon nap and dinner at 19 pm. Great food.
We checked our E-mails, called two of the other guys who were
supposed to join this trip. Two of them was in Buriram, coming to
Surin the next day and taking the bikes back by train. Some of the
guys were not coming at all, Shinji aborted the trip because of
mechanical problem. Seemed like Jeff had to do the return trip on his
A beer at a karaoke place near the hotel and in bed at 10 pm.

Sun 17;
Jeff went back to Bkk, hit a pothole in Bang Na and had both alloy
wheels bent.
I took off for Ubon to meet Brian. Outside Ubon I was going to fill
up gas, but the ignition key was gone! I seemed to have lost it while
riding. I couldn't turn off the ignition or fill up gas! What to do?
A pick-up back to Bkk? No, I screwed off the whole insert to the tank
every time I had to fill up gas and rode all the way back to Bkk. I
did about 900 km's that day, from Khorat in dark. Downhill north of
Kabinburi I went through a heavy rainstorm at 40 km/h. I reached Bkk
around 11 pm, left the bike at Siamsuperbike and fell asleep at 999
hotel (that short-time hotel, you know) nearby peter's shop.