Suzuki and yamaha in serious financial trouble

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  1. Suzuki have recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in USA for the car division ,but have also recently closed factories in Spain, indonesia and Japan on the motorcycle division , suzuki is still making priofit on cars in asia and Middle East and Europe but motorcycle division is making serious loses according to company reports.high yen is hitting sales in Europe and lacklustre product range .

    meanwhile Yamaha is also in difficulty according to japanese financial reports , Hifi division and musical instruments both making losses and motorcycle division barely breaking even.Reports in japan say 2014-2015 models are make or break for the company .

    both companies are being hit by consumer retrenchment , high yen and lacklustre products compared to rival companies .

    meanwhile KTM,Triumph, Ducati ,Piaggio and BMW are recording record sales , kawasaki are doing well on bikes too .Some models are on waiting lists with production at full tilt , versys, W800 .
  2. KTM,Triumph, Ducati ,Piaggio and BMW

    I have to agree that these are the best brands.
  3. It's not as bad as it may sound. Suzuki reported a profit of 41.9 billion yen (US$527.5 million) over the six months ending Sept. 30, 2012. This represents a 30.9% increase on the profit of 32.0 billion yen in the first half of the previous fiscal year.
    The prevailing theory is that in the US Suzuki is shifting focus away from cars to motorcycles because its two-wheeled business is more successful.
    Globally, Suzuki’s automobile business is far more successful than its motorcycle business, just not in the U.S.
    This info is from an article on
  4. yes that US based suzuki , check out the Japan /Asia and UK financials and its clear that Sales at Suzuki motorcysles is also down and the yen is hitting them hard in most markets ,they have closed 3 motorcycle factories recently too ,I like the Suzuki cars and some of their bikes are excellent but suzuki are behind the development curve of European rivals on technology and style.

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