Suzuki Big Bikes.

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  1. Finally Coming This Year Suzuki Big Bikes. They had a Good Stand at the Motor Show and they supplied Me with a Good Brochure of the Bikes they will sell in Thailand and the Prices. Unfortunately I got Side Tracked and forgot to take Photos :roll: Not Sure where the Shops will be or When they will Open But here is the Run down on What they will Sell:

    Hayabusa 1340 800.000 Baht.
    GSX-R 750 700.000 Baht.
    Bandit SA 1250 670.000 Baht. ( Bikini Fairing )
    Bandit 1250 650.000 Baht. ( Naked Bike )
    SV 650 SA 480.000 Baht. ( Bikini Fairing )
    Gladius 650 450.000 Baht. ( Naked Bike )
    Burgman 650 550.000 Baht ( Huge Scooter )
    Intruder M800 500.000 Baht. ( Cruiser )

    That's it for now so not much that I would be Interested in but have to Wait and See. Seems Like None of the Big Bike importers see a Market for Off Road or Dual Sports Bikes :?:
  2. Thanks for info Ian - The models listed are same same, its a shame companies dont do more market research - it looks to me as they just copy the other bike manufacturers product lines.
    A V-Strom, a big criuser and a 250 to 350cc trail bike would of been nice but hey congrats to Suzuki for entering LOS.
  3. Hi Friends,

    And thanks Ian for your report, it could have been posted as well in the 2009 Motor Show as well. Coming back to the price list they introduced you, I seems to me that they are less competitive and attractive than Kawasaki, isn't it ?
  4. Here in Australia, Kawasaki prices are usually cheaper than Suzuki... I think Suzuki has a better brand...

  5. Comparing those Suzuki prices to #Triumphs Thai prices and its obvious that Triumph will have to lower the price of their bikes they are grossly overpriced.
  6. I don't think You can Compare Suzuki to Triumph as they are a Totally different Market? If You compare Suzuki to Yamaha, Makes the Suzuki's look Expensive? Apples for Apples I think :idea: Triumph are more Expensive than Suzuki in New Zealand and Prices here are Dictated By the Governments Extortionist Taxes not the Bikes Name!!!
  7. Hi Friends,

    Just look at the distribution network in Thailand and you'll understand the difference between brands...It seems that Triumph Th is a bit elitist brand and wants to stay in the upper class as Suzuki or Kawasaki wants to be more mass market oriented even if the Big Bike Market is quite small.

    I would dare to say that Thai Big Bike market will stay small (even if growing) for a lot of good reasons.

    Thus I am not surprised that Makers invest this market with no hurry...
  8. Triumph in UK ,EU and USA are cheap and good value competetive with Jap makes, In Thailand they are a ripoff.They could sell the Bonny for 395,000 and still make a wacking great profit with their BOI status.
  9. Kawa has always been the cheaper than the other jap makers, but I'd say you could realistically compare the SV650 to the Ninja 650. The Suzuki probably is the better bike, but I'd take the Kawa and save 200K THB!!
    None of the Suzukis are tempting, I'd maybe go for the SV650 but as I said, not for that price. Hope that Honda will come to our rescue!
  10. Yep, can't beat Kawasaki's prices! That's probably one of the reasons why the other makers don't offer what Kawasaki builds here - they won't sell because they would have to be about 40% more expensive. If Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki would bring in a 250 Enduro it would be way over 200K THB. Smart move, Kawasaki!
  11. That and the Kawas have the market cornered on the cold style cruisers it's that or a Harley.

    Keep hoping for the V Star doesn't look like it's in the cards.
  12. Glad to hear Suzuki will finally start selling big bikes in Thailand, but how are they going to do it? Currently the only way to get a Suzuki is through a grey market importer, so no warranty or service.

    Are Suzuki going to open some Big Bike showrooms around the country like Kawasaki and Yamaha? Or will they sell the bikes through regular mom 'n pop scooter shops? (Seems unlikely...) Or perhaps they will have some other kind of distribution channel.

    Anyone know?

    Happy Trails!

  13. From the prices we can conclude these are Japan imports under the FTA, similar to Yamaha.

    Are these BHT 200,000 (or 100%) better than a ER-6n. Nope. No way, not even close. That said, more big bikes is better, so no complaints.

    It's reassuring to know that I can finally buy a Hayabusa legally though, for when the midlife crisis truly sets in... ;)
  14. Wonder how they come up with their prices...

    Suzuki is asking 700,000 Baht for the GSX-R 750 while Kawasaki is importing the Ninja ZX10R for 650,000 Baht... Strange, no?
  15. And the SV650 is a sweet looking bike that's received very positive reviews, but toe to toe it's no better than the ER6, so who in Thailand would pay 480,000 Baht for SV650 when they can get the ER6 for 225,000?!
  16. Any chance the Kawa assembly point is Thailand?
  17. either wrong thread or your brain overtook your fingers again ? Suzuki ?
  18. Sorry wasn't the question why Suzuki might be more expensive here?

    But with me you could be very correct :lol:
  19. Hi Ray- yes, Kawasaki has a factory in Rayong where they build the KLX 250, D-Tracker, Ninja 250, ER6n/f and some other bikes for export and domestic sale. So naturally they have a huge advantage over the other manufacturers (like Suzuki) that import their bikes. Kawasaki also imports bikes, like the Vulcan and Ninja ZX10R and of course the prices are much higher to reflect the import duties.

    Happy Trails!

  20. Any chance of Kawazaki producing the Vulcan here in Thailand?
  21. Yes either way I pay big bucks :lol:
  22. Apologies for talking about Kwackers on the Suzie thread :wink:

    The largest production line at the Kawasaki factory in Rayong is 650cc.
    I doubt very much they will invest in a 900cc expansion during these tough economic times.
    Sales in Thailand are doing great, but are a tiny part of the market and worldwide sales remain very very weak. I am surprised that they still make the Versys in Japan when they could easily manufacture it on the 650cc line in Rayong...
  23. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one who thinks the SV650 Gladius is pot ugly? I don't like the frame, the shape of the tank, the headlights, and the exhaust looks like a bad joke. In my eyes it's a step backwards from the previous design. Or am I getting old?!
  24. ^ Agree 110% Not sure how it performs, but man what a hideous bike!
    Fugly exhaust, gay colors, and CHROME MIRRORS?!?!
    What are they thinking?!
  25. Holdlem horsey..... a new SV 500.000bht. is that right?
    That is $25,000 NZ dollars your kidding.
    Just priced a new V Strom in Aus .. $9700 on the road.
    BTW have just sold a 05 650 v strom great bike.

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