Suzuki DR 250 (Enduro) for sell in laos

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  1. Suzuki DR 250 (same as djbel except the front light & a smaller full tank). 1998 model. Cambodian'n plate but no papers. picture's in this link:
    Looks like new & run's great with 25000K on the speedometer but did not finnish my trip yet so will be more then that when it will be available from the and of july in Vientiane or Luang Prabang (maybe even chang mai).
    E-mail for contact: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Just curios: Did you bring the bike over to Lao or did you buy it there?
  3. Hi buebo, I bought the bike in phnom phen on the 20 of may from a place named "the bike shop" & ride it in to laos.
  4. The bike is now for sell in VTE & except for a dent in the full tank is still in a good condition & run's great & have about 31K on the speedometer.
    I ask for it 1300$ but the price is negotiable ass always.
    Please contact me in this Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].
  5. Just curious but why NO PAPERS and how do you propose to get a cambodian registered bike into thailand without them ????? spose a bribe would do it.[8D]
  6. Hi macattack,
    I did boot the bike in kambo ass i'd already seed & got papers wit (I got a receipt and treatment history to prove it) but I lost my wallet with them in side(and credit card, driver license,note's ext.).
    Any way i'm planning to sell the bike in VTE & not cross wit to Thailand although I hard that I can on sam border crossing point's with no problem.


    p.s.-I wish i have the extra cash to pay for bride & even if i had i will not spend it like that...[;)]
  7. Omri82
    Hope you sell the bike ok. You might want to try Fuark's Mx Service, or Green Discovery.
    Otherwise dont like your chances of selling the bike for much without any "real papers."
    But how was the ride - 3,000 kms & 2 months on the road.
    Will we get to see any trip report at all?

    Keep The Power On
  8. Hi David,
    First of all I want to thank U & all the other GT-Rider members for giving me the idea & allot of info to make my "dream trip" come true.
    I just come back from Fuark place after the bike needed same ripering (new brake pads, new sit cower,new front bering's & an oil chang). He now's me & that I want to sell the bike so I now he go'na help me wthat.
    Abut the the price I ask for it-I don't now the official price of any used bike in S.E. Asia & I now my bike (A 98' model w28K) look's & run's great so for me it sims like a request-demand market (and I now it's not the best season to sell it) & as I said before it's negotiable.
    Abut the ride-it was absolutely an amazing experience & advancer because I did about 8000k in tow & a half month in north cambodia (only ten day's ther) & all over laos w my bike that i got allot of stories to tell & picture's to show but it's kind of difficult because english is not my first language & and i didn't feiger out how to put pictures inside the add so i gees wean i go back home i will gate same help & it will be easier to rite dawn & edit a trip report on my computer.

    p.s.-I'm sorry for all the spelling errors...
  9. I've seen the bike and it's in good condition. Lack of papers is always a problem of sorts but if you are headed back to Cambodia, no problem. Keeping it in Laos? Maybe not a problem either but crossing into Thailand will be a little difficult. Getting replacement ownership papers out of PP, add an extra USD $100 for post and the fake card. The number plate is fine(ish) so if you are thinking about this bike, don't worry so much about the papers or plastic card issued from Cambodia. Worse case, I'll give yo the old card and plate from my last cambodian bike, no one ever looks at the ride anyhow. I'm in VTE these days.


    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.
  10. New price tor the bike: 1300$ or best offer.
  11. This bike is sold and still for sale. Papers are in the works from PP. Bike has been upgraded a bit and runs well. If you are coming to VTE and want to possibly rent it, I'm up for barter as well.


    Ride Smart, Ride Safe.

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