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  1. Time to let go of the DR650RE as I now will use the FJR for any trips and into town I only use the Nouvo as very convenient in filtering through the jams at big junctions.
    Bike has legal papers and plate, was imported in one piece and not in the ususal ‘parts’way. Bike is a model SP45A meaning year 1995 and has 30,000 kms done so far. I am the 3rd owner as in the greenbook, two elderly foreigners have been the previous ones.
    Taxes and compulsory insurance have been paid until 18.December 2013, registered in Chiang Mai..
    I also have the original SUZUKI repair manual plus parts list, further on did I keep all invoices for the parts plus copies for Customs fees I paid for them.
    I have recently done a complete engine and bike overhaul with powedercoated frame and parts by RICHO.
    Will only sell her as a ‘package’ meaning, bike will be sold with two sets of wheels, frontfenders and front springs.
    Engine rebuild consisted of: new high compression forged piston by Woessner Germany, crank assembly has been reworked with new pushrod, main bolt and bearings by a German engineering firm. New balancer chain & sprockets, new bearings & sealrings, new clutchparts,……
    Bike cost me in total THB 306,000.- so far with all the repairs and modifications (Without work that was done in my freetime by myself).
    Additionally, engine repair cost me THB 58,100.- without work (by myself).
    Parts for the bike have a value of more than THB 10,000.- on top of above mentioned.
    I know I cannot achieve this so I will sell the whole lot for B 200,000.- not more but also not less.
    If I can't achieve this then I simply keep her as the switchover between offroad and supermoto takes not more than one hour and will sell the DR250 & DT125 instead.
    This might seem a lot but one needs to consider that such a thumper bike is not available in Thailand other than the pricey BMWF650GS or the heavenly expensive KTM 690’s and my DR has really been overhauled and built up again from new & restored parts.
    Superbrace forkbrace as with these long frontforks and the 21" wheel she is quite unstable at high speeds, fenderbrace eliminated also the highspeed twisting of the frontfender.
    Set-up in Sumpermoto and Enduro trim, switchover between the two takes no longer than an hour.
    Some costs:
    THB 63,600.- for the SM EXEL rims and a 17" speedo hub, Buchanan spokes, original hubs, harder WIRTH front springs, EBC brake discs, ACERBIS SM front fender, PIRELLI Diablo Rosso 2 tyres
    THB 4,800.- for the fork brace
    THB 17,000.- for the LASER Pro Duro exhaust
    THB 4,800.- Givi topcase 30 lts, pillow plus PVC tool-tube.
    And much much more: aluminium handlebar, mirrors from a CBR1000, Yamaha Raptor petcoke, Dynojet set, Pirelli MT90 front and MT60 rear tyres.
    BTW all tyres are more than 85% both the SM as the offroad ones.
    SM tyres: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, front: 120/70-17, Rear 150/60-17, rims: front 3.5x17, rear 4.25x17
    Enduro: Pirelli MT90 front 90/90-21, Pirelli MT60 rear 130/80-17
    I have cleaned up the fugly tail and fitted a new smaller taillight (DR350) plus an LED numberplate light as the original looked aweful and the tail plastics were broken.
    Airbox has been opened to give the engine much needed airsupply with a K&N filter in it.
    Progrip grips and FOX handlebar tube plus aftermarket crashprotectors.
    All bearings and seals have been replaced all over the bike & engine. Where necessary I fitted stainless bolts & screws.

    As for parts I have new: Chain, front sprockets 14T and 15T, back sprocket 42T, carb gasket, oilfilters and much more as you can see in the foto:.
    Modification parts I got mostly in the US as follows:

    I have removed the DYNOJET stuff as set up with this she likes to guzzle, I fitted the original longer needle and a slightly oversized main jet to give her enough petrol for the opened airways.

    Bike is at my place near Khad Farang-Hang Dong and can be seen from Fri 21st onwards as I will be abroad from today and not able to be reached by phone or email, I will not be able to receive SMS’ses either.
    Interested persons please send me an PM or make a post and I will get back to you next Friday in the order of replies. And: no joyriders and tyrekickers please and please refrain from “I pay you B 110k” offers………cash against documents&bike&parts only. I will not send the bike to anywhere either.

    Fotos posted are in Supermoto trim but you can see the parts for Enduro setup in the “parts” picture.

    Rgds, FR
  2. Hi Franz, nice bike, i will be i. CM 27th onwards, if not sold then I will ome and hve a look, rgds, Fank
  3. Hi Frank, just back from a B-trip to Myanmar, 27th onwards no problem, this bike will not sell so quickly me thinks, will call you in the afternoon. Rgds, FR
  4. I'm a big fan of the DR650, I had a 98 model, the big single is sweeet! Had a XR650L at the same time but sold it because the DR had more power. All I did was installing a bigger main jet.
    The SM conversion looks great, the frame looks even better!
    And all that for only 50,000 THB more than a new KLX250.
    I bet the first guy who does a test ride buys it!
  5. Thanks Klaus, well a lot of 'free time & work & love & cash" went into this thumper that's for sure, will ride it tomorrow on the Xmas GTR run and then head up to Chiang Rai for the first serious interested guy to testride it and have a lookey. Just restored the carbs back to original just with a 150 main jet instead of the 137.5 one. Might even fit a very thin washer onto the needle to lift it a tad but hopefully that will not be necessary. Difference between Dynojet & only bigger main isn't really noticeable in performance other then the consumption has dropped to acceptable again. Rgds, FR
  6. Bike is to be SOLD in the first week of January 2013, will not post the name of the buyer and wait until the deal is done. We got an agreement today; just to inform all other guys who contacted me. Cheers, Franz
  7. Deal was done today, Marcel picked up the thumper, second set of wheels and loads of spares. Was a good one to ride & kick but then I neglected the FJR too much. Now with FJR, SRX and Nouvo I'm complete. DR250 I will when finished dump at a friends place in Pattaya for business trips and the DT125 will be on the market soon.
    Realised that I can't ride all of them as tomorrow back to work for another year, seldom find time to go somewhere for a longer time.
    Wish Marcel much fun on the DR650 and also keeping her tip-top for another plenty years !! Cheers, Franz
  8. Congratulations to both Franz on a sale much quicker than I think he expected and to Marcel on his new bike. Great when the site works well to bring people together like this.
  9. Maybe another attempt is needed.;). You photo could be too large, I usually have to go into a simple editing program, to reduce file size to about 800x600 pixels. Details are available in a thread elsewhere
  10. Looking good, as they say "if at first you don't succeed, then suck more seed"
  11. Thanks John, was actually thinking it would take longer as some other farang called and made some joker offers, told them to get themselves a Wave110........for the proposed sum of money. As you can see Marcel is starting to enjoy life on 2 wheels again !! Cheers, Franz

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