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  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    For Sale again as I do not ride my 3 bikes enough right now and the DR is the least ridden.
    Just fitted an oversized forged Woessner piston and did run her in properly with 1000kms service done too.
    She's in perfect condition with loads of aftermarket parts fitted; original parts mostly available upon sale.
    Loads of spares are coming with the bike such as 2 rear, 2 front sprockets, new chain, oilfilter,........
    She is set up in SUPERMOTARD trim and can be easily converted into MOTOCROSS trim by just changing the wheels & fit the softer front springs in the shocks and the front fender plus torsionbracket to fit the 21' wheels and speedohub. Both wheelsets do carry their own brake-disks so no need to mess around with them. Conversion takes no more than 1 hour. A truly "Dual purpose bike"
    Some of the goodies fitted are: K&N lifetime airfilter - washable, LASER Pro-Duro racing exhaust, DYNOJET stage 2 kit, better mirrors, aluminium handlebar & portectors,...........

    Asking price: THB 165,000.-

    No tyrekickers or joyriders please and no credits or finances avialable, nor will I post the bike to anywhere.
    Bike can be seen in Hang Dong near Kad Farang market, interested persons please do send me a PM or email through this site.
    Taxed and insured in Chiang Mai with genuine plate. 33,000kms done, engine totally overhauled and frame powdercoated.
    This bike was imported in ONE piece into Thailand by a farang gentleman, so it carries a genuine registration.





    The fact that the 2 other >/= 650 cc thumpers are sinfully expensive makes this DR one of the very few registered ones with higher cc's other than the little 250's available right now. Further does the dual set-up make it easy for mountainroads up here in the North in SM trim or the potholed dirt tracks called highways in neighbouring countries in MC trim. Tyres mounted on the MC wheels are Pirelli MT90-front and MT60-rear, SM trim has a new reartyre fitted just after taking the fotos; a Diablo Supercorsa.
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  3. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    Hello Franz,
    I thought you sold this bike to brake 034 in december 2012.
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Armin, yes I did, but also did buy her back as Marcel did ride her not even 800 kms in one year for health reasons. he's now even sold his small Tiger Boxer. Also myself do not ride that much anymore as before also due to health reasons and after I got Trent's FZ6 she's now sitting in the carpark too much which is a waste of this good bike.
    My troubles with reaction/balance see me now more on longer tours and with slower speeds, the times of some hooligan rides are gone.
  5. angkor1

    angkor1 Ol'Timer

    the times of some hooligan rides are gone. Same me !!!
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Had 2 serious enquiries from 2 friends, one was too small for comfort (yes, the DR is only for 175 cms up guys & gals) and the other one wanted an 'around town' bike what the DR isn't as oil-cooled and getting quite hot in the dry season once idling at a junction. Then I had the usual Farang crap from other sites wanting to exchange against bikes with 'grey or no books' and very doubtful conditions and for me paying money, some tyrekickers who wouldn't even be able to buy a secondhand Wave 110 and the usual joyriders. Not that I wouldn't have been unwilling in lowering the price even further but for less than a new little Honda or Kwaka 250 I am really not willing to sell, considering all the financial efforts that went into this bike. So for now I will convert her into MC mode and keep her for the time being and rather risk not to ride her that often than giving presents to some to me unknown Farang Khee-Nok....................
  7. seb2015

    seb2015 New Member

    Good morning Franz
    I believe this comes late, but would you still consider selling your DR?

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