Suzuki DRZ 400 S

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  1. 17082007087.

    This is it, for those who are interested in I have all manuals and instruction books for this bike as well as a good collections of notes and tricks about this bike from DRZ fans

    For the time being, I look for new springs for the front forks as I agree with most of the comments about this issue.

    PS: I am sure David will remark the GT-Rider sticker on the right side of the bike !
    This topic could be the start of a serie of information exchange for those having the same bike (SM, as well).
  2. Hi Azoulay,

    I don't know if you already know of this site, but check out Hit the forum and you will find a specific area for DRZs. You can also look at the Honda XR400 forum and then decide if you have bought the right bike or not![;)]


    Pikey (Honda XR440 motard[:D]).
  3. Hi Pikey,

    Thanks for your post, yes I do know forum for having surfed there some month ago, but that's far from our direct preoccupations: biking in Thailand....

    Now about the compairison between the Suzuki and the Honda, this could be but the Suzuki is a well know model for me and I think it is more easy available in Thailand in a regular way than the Honda, just look the dealers have Suzuki DRZ (second hand and brand new) but not so much Honda XR (in bigger cylinder than 250)

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