Suzuki DRZ 400

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  1. HDMAN

    HDMAN Ol'Timer

    For sale
    2005. 12.000KM. 180.000B
    Have green book, bike is in phuket, been sitting for 7-8 months, lost interest
    Photos can be send
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Here's your photos

    1. Original Paint

    2. The "Night Stealth Machine" (David Unk's annotation not HDMan's.)



    a nice looking clean bike. (& deserves a home in Chiang Mai. :wink: )

    Where's is the bike registered & in whose name?

    Good luck, not that I think you will need it - it won't last long!
  4. HDMAN

    HDMAN Ol'Timer

    Hi David
    Thanks for the photos.
    The bike is in my name and have Rayong plates on.
    Yes CM would be a good home i think, some new wheels and its ready for dirt. The black paint is not a prof job.
  5. Bert on the bike

    Bert on the bike Ol'Timer

    Hi HDMAN

    Are the bikes still for sale? I might be interested in 1 but we need to talk about the price. PM me if you can

    Take care


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