Suzuki Gz150 A Motorcycles X 2

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    We just finished a ride from HCMC to Hanoi on Suzuki GZ150 A motorcycles. We completed the trip in 8 days. These are 150 CC 5 speed manual motorcycles. One bike has side cases. One is a 2011 and the other is a 2012. They run amazingly well. We have the blue cards so we can transfer ownership to you. They have full legit viet plates on them as well.

    We had the chains tightened, air pressure on both tires set correctly, changed the oil every 500 miles, and used 95 gas.

    We took them on road, gravel, sand, mud, stone, rock, and everything in between. They handled awesome, no problems.

    We looked at getting honda wins but they were gonna be too slow. If you want to fly down the highway, pass everyone, and have a blast, these are the bikes.

    We saw about 5 cruiser bikes the entire time on our trip. Super rare and definitely the way to go.

    You should be able to sell these bikes back with out problem.

    Also we can sit down and talk about our trip and give you any pointers and answer any questions you might have.

    Imgur link: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

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    Why don't you add the facts like asking price and mileage?
    I keen reading this "oil changed every 500 km" claim :---)
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