Suzuki has opened up bigbike website

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  1. Finally Suzuki has opened up a website with there current offerings in bigbikes, you can find it here

    No prices as I can find but a good selection of bikes there

    Intruder M800
    SV 650 SA (1/2 Fairing)
    Bandit 1250 SA (1/2 Fairing - awesome tourer)
    Burgman 650
    Bandit 1250 (Naked raw power)

    If someone get the pricelist from them and share it as I am currently offshore working it would be great.

    Cheers Bard
  2. Any idea if they have the bikes listed in stock ?
  3. Here is a list of prices as quoted to TonyBKK at the motor show:

    Hayabusa 1340 800.000 Baht.
    GSX-R 750 700.000 Baht.
    Bandit SA 1250 670.000 Baht. ( Bikini Fairing )
    Bandit 1250 650.000 Baht. ( Naked Bike )
    SV 650 SA 480.000 Baht. ( Bikini Fairing )
    Gladius 650 450.000 Baht. ( Naked Bike )
    Burgman 650 550.000 Baht ( Huge Scooter )
    Intruder M800 500.000 Baht. ( Cruiser )

    Suzuki is asking 700,000 Baht for the GSX-R 750
  4. Their prices seem high compared to KAWASAKI, probably because they aren't assembled in TH and have to pay high taxes. The "Gladiola" for twice the price of aER6n - no thank you!
    I'd be very interested in the DR650, would make the perfect supermoto... I always want what I can't have...
  5. Hi Friends,

    Thanks for the information, a pitty not to see any off-road bike.
    What a hell bike brands in LOS obstinate to put on catalog "speed" bikes and very few off-road bikes.

    What will you do with a Hayabusa or a Bandit with 30 cm depth holes on the roads ?
  6. :( Price on a Gladius seems about 50% more than what we would pay in Australia. I guess I won't be able to hire an SV when I'm over there - seems a shame..

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