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  1. desmomonstro

    desmomonstro Ol'Timer

    Suzuki Hayabusa 2004 Black and blue ,Yoshimura tri oval carbon.
    Excellent condition ,17000 km.Registration and insurance .
    420 000 baht negotiable. First owner .
    The bike is chiang mai.
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  3. Chino

    Chino Ol'Timer

    why we always have to ask the same questions like: do you have pics en specs?
  4. Pikey


    Still looking then Chinosnake or are you just a "virtual" tyre kicker?

    Fabrice already detailed the colour, miles e.t.c and if you don't already know what the bike looks like then it's VERY doubtful you are serious with your enquiry.

    Mate, you started off specifying that you wanted a "young bike (touring/sport/custom) around 400-850 CC", quoted some mysterious models that must be exclusively imported to Holland (shadow 850, Triumph Roadstar and BMW FS 400), and now are asking about a 160BHP street missile!!! [:0]

    Maybe "Zen" (or more likely, Dutch ganja!) has f*cked you up and now you don't even know what day it is, let alone what bike you want..... [;)]


  5. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    chinosnake, im sure that you can find specifications of the hayabusa on the internet, im not sure but maybe they may have a few pictures aswell.good luck
  6. Chino

    Chino Ol'Timer

    I hope you don't ride like you speak.For the sake of yourself and others.
    Buying a virtual bike online requires a bit more inquiry, since we can't 'feel' the bike right?
    So you go ahead and sorry to have 'bothered' you.
    I guess I better leave Rider Board and google.
  7. mikethevigo

    mikethevigo Ol'Timer

    why dont you girls get your make up on and get out more, stop bickering and take care of business !
  8. Pikey



    No offence intended as my tongue was firmly in my cheek with my last comment but hey, come on, use a little bit of initative (and Google). Seems like you want your hand held all the way, which in my (limited) opinion is not the way to get on in Thai. You have made numerous enquiries and been given sound advice by many people so forgive me if I start to take the piss due to your repetitiveness.

    FYI, yes, I probably do ride like I speak - like a twat, but I can hold my own and have experience! [:D]

    Please don't be so offended as to leave the board, rather develop a bit of a thicker skin, decide what style of bike you really want and then pay us a visit in Chiang Mai - first beers are on me!


  9. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Love your late night rants.
    Having tried to keep up with you on my lumbering leviathan around the Samoeng Loop I can say that you do write as you ride - straight & true.
    Long may you ride & write.

  10. Pikey


    Hi John,

    Thanks for your kind words and good fun on the Samoeng Loop last week. Keeping up with me is relatively easy but I definitely had an advantage over you regarding bikes - the R1200GS is a fantastic bike, but in the conditions, the XR was the tool to have. We must swap next time you are up here and probably both scare ourselves stupid with the differences! Now, keeping up with SuzukiLuke is another matter, especially now he has road tyres on his XR. Reckon you either Photoshopped the image above to put me in front of Luke or else he's just about to stuff me up the inside!

    Think I might have annoyed a few members with my "straight forward" attitude and comments so I have changed my signature so as people know what to expect from me........


  11. solent01

    solent01 Active Member

    Getting back to the original post, you can always slap in a Turbo with the busa making it a highway munching 500 BHP, then the games begin, trying to keep the front wheel planted at 200mph, not for the faint hearted I guess, but then I wouldn't know, my lasted hack is a Steed.
  12. desmomonstro

    desmomonstro Ol'Timer

    anybody interested to buy it ,or just enjoy to go away from the topic??
  13. desmomonstro

    desmomonstro Ol'Timer

    its sold already but if you want one ,the guy from chai bodywork still selling its.

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