Suzuki Intruder VS 1400cc

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  1. Suzuki Intruder VS 1400cc[/b], 67hp / 49 kw, black complete overhaul and power coating Dec. 2007, open US Silver Tail made stainless steel exhaust system, Koni shock absorber, new six piston brake-cylinder, new special steel disc brake, new clutch, new special alu radiator, new cables, new bearings, new tank, new seat. Green book and Phuket registration.
  2. Cheers,
  3. Above link, matey shows price 390.000thb -87 model and price NOT negotiable.
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock: matey shows price 390.000thb -87 model and price NOT negotiable.
    Can't be right, surely.
  5. Me powder coated by Richco 1995 XJR1200 must be worth half a million then? :roll:
  6. hahahahah,, well it's alwas worth to try.. :lol:
  7. Where's Pikey? Sure he would have a few choice words to say.
  8. Dont worry he will come soon.....busy with work(home or shop) :wink:
  9. @Tubber

    only the frame (rocker new) and the engine from 87 year
    all other parts I buy at Germany new !
    I work on this bike 3 years for this status.
    I spend 650`000,- THB for all together !
    When I have this bike at Germany, I can sell over 10`000,- EUR
    only for the green book you mast pay 80`000,- THB

  10. It will probably take me 3 years to finish the XJR as well and a lot of money, admittedly not 650,000B. I would feel cheeky asking more than 150,000B for it, no matter how much I spent on it, which is why I won't be selling it. At the end of the day it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.
  11. Forgot to say best of luck selling the VS.
  12. I have invested over 650,000 baht in my S4 Ducati with original purchase price and all the modifications and extras I have done , on OTTOs thinking i should ask 600,000 if I sold it but in real world its only worth max 350,000 if i wanted to sell it . Good Suzuki 1400 intruders in first rate condition can be had around Pattaya for maximum 200,000.
    My friend Terry recently sold one for 165,000 and it was immaculate .
  13. In the Grave Yard?? to get best Impact?? 8) ,Sorry man i just could not help my self.

    that is one nice looking bike and comfortable as bike just can be.

    Also you are correct with well written add, Good and & Catchy add sell's,even if the price is high side.
  14. I have to say the same as Monsterman, in and around Bkk 150.000-200.000. Bikes can't be that much more expensive in Phuket can they?
  15. Erm that wasn't my intention. :lol:
    Matey,, But really funny,, i like :wink: :D

    but like yousaid good and well written adds catch the buyers...

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