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  1. Dear David, dear All,

    Thanks for supporting the DR/DRZ series, perfect bikes fully in line for exploring Thailand. Hope dream will come true
  2. I sent my TDM 900 plug :idea:
  3. I'd love to get a non-gray market DRZ-400S...

    I tried to send a mesage, using
    ...however the e-mail wasn't forwarded...only the below (glitch) message appeared:

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  4. One of these would be lovely

  5. This is all exciting news - big bikes in Thailand would be a dream come true. Maybe these questions have been asked (and answered) before elsewhere, but -
    - how pricey will these bikes be?
    - how much will registration be? On par with a new car?
    - how much to insure a 900cc or 1200cc bike?
    - what about parts and service? Will a local shop be able to do a tune-up?
    There was talk about ten dealerships in all of Thailand. Would I have to transport my TDM or GSXR a few hundred miles if it doesn't start? Or after an accident?
    Also big bikes are above 400cc - I get the feeling that these new bikes will be for people who have the better part of a million THB laying around for a cool ride on the weekend. What about the gap between 200 and 400cc? Nothing there?

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