Suzuki steps up Thai production capacity.

Mar 30, 2010
Read this in today's Bangkok Post at lunch time

Suzuki steps up Thai production capacity

Thai Suzuki Motor, the Japanese motorcycle distributor, vows to establish its Pathum Thani production plant as its export hub for medium-sized motorcycles, aiming to produce 10,000 this year.

It will produce motorcycles of 250-750cc for the first time this year as part of a 500-million-baht investment over five years to increase annual production capacity at its plant in Thanyaburi district by 50,000 units to 400,000.

The plant's output this year is estimated to reach 290,000 units, with 120,000 for export, 100,000 for domestic sale and 70,000 in the form of marine engines exported mainly to Japan.

Suzuki plans to ship as many as 9,900 mid-sized motorcycles, with only 100 slated for domestic sale.

Satoshi Uchida, chairman and chief executive of Thai Suzuki, said there is increasing demand for motorcycles above 250cc in Thailand, with sales expected to rise to 20,000 from 12,580 in 2012.

Over the first eight months, the company's sales of motorcycles above 1,000cc rose 108% to 14,796 year-on-year. Thai Suzuki has now two Hayabusa big-bike models available in the Thai market, imported from Japan.

It plans to open seven outlets for medium-sized and big motorcycles.

The company expects domestic sales to surge to 100,000 this year, up 16.27% from 86,000 last year.

Thai Suzuki aims to increase its share from 3% to 5% of Thailand's motorcycle market, which is estimated to reach 2 million units this year.

Dec 27, 2007
Cool! So reckon the Wee-Strom must be manufactured in Thailand- that would certainly explain the low price. If imported reckon the price would be closer to ~5xx,xxx baht.

Wonder what other bikes they are going to manufacture here? Exciting news!! :happy1: