Suzuki Vanvan 200 - Test Ride In Bangkok

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    I'm interested in buying Suzuki VanVan 200. I was told that I could see one at Suzuki Big Bike Central on 411/1 Nang Linchi Road in BKK, but they will not let me test ride the thing. Is there any place in Bangkok that would let me try the bike?


    p.s. I'm interested in a small (200-300cc), new motorbike. After researching a bit, I just realized that there is slim picking in Thailand - VanVan being the only Suzuki in this range, I gathered. What are other possibilities from Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, for instance - I can't figure out what's available and what's not. Is there a store/salon/trade show that I could go and take a look at a few models - I went to Red Baron last weekend, but they don't have many choices, especially in smaller variety.
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    Kawasaki have the versys 300 now I believe ?
    There is also the Honda rally though personally doesn't appeal at 257 kg ..

    Kawasaki have moved from rama 9 to petchburi Rd.. they don't do bike maintenance any more but hopefully you can still do test rides..
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    Just spoke with my marketing contract at Kawasaki.

    No space for demo rides at the new office location.
    Which is a bummer.

    They will have the Versys 300 from the factory at the end of the month..

    Waiting to hear back if there is any dealer that will let you have a test ride.


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