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  1. Hi.I'm planning to come to Asia,arriving in Thailand...want to buy a new /second hand Suzuki Dr650 to travel through Laos,Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand. Any reccomendations as to which is the best county to buy the bike?
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated,Regards
  2. Not a common enough bike to say 'which country' really.. You do sometimes see one, but its not like they are readily available with border crossing books, in each country to choose from.

    Case of take what you find.
  3. For two years I searched for a DR650se and was unable to find one in Thailand.
    Some are available in Cambodia, but was informed by the local L&T office, you cannot later get a Cambo plated bike re-licensed for Thailand.

    Maybe SilverHawkUSA or Franz will sell theirs...for their weight in Baht! ;-)
  4. Makosa
    Your chances are slim, mate choices maybe KLX250 or a 650 parrallel Versys, both Kawa's.

  5. Thanks for your help! So its difficult to cross borders inbetween Laos ,Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam with your own bike? Thanks for your help, regards Peter/Makosa
  6. Thanks for your help mate...if I just wanted to cross borders between Cambodia,Laos,Vietnam and Thailand is it possible with your own bike? Cheers,regards Pete/Makosa
  7. Crossing borders with your own bike is no real problem, except for Vietnam & China & Myanmar.
    Take a look here
    for border crossing info.

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