Swedish Travelers!

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  1. I just had these 3 Young Swedish Guys call in. They caught My eye when they arrived on these Bikes as I noticed the unusual Bikes and Foreign Number Plates! They had come down to Asia from Russia in a Train, Crossed through China to Vietnam where they brought these Bikes, they rode through Vietnam, crossed into Laos through there into Thailand!
    They are taking a look around the North before heading down further in Thailand. They then plan to cross into Cambodia and eventually end up back in Vietnam where they will sell the Bikes back to the Guy they brought them off. From there they are off to the Philippines! Great Trip for a Bunch of Young Guys, Good On them!!!
    Vietnam Plate and GT-Rider Map for Guidance! I never saw any GPS with them either!
    Great Stuff!
  2. These guys have balls I must admit !! Whatever the make of these bikes, spares will not be easy to come by on such a long tour.....amazing !! Rgds, Franz
  3. nice trip young guy.make it happen

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