Swiss Round the World Biker!

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  1. Had this Swiss Gentleman call in the other Morning for a Coffee and David just happened to be here. So We had a great chat about His world Travels! His Name is Thierry Wilhelm and actually has a Web Site covering His Travels. It is mostly in German but Photos and other things can be seen in English so worth a look, see here:
    I like the "I'm here right now" Button! He has certainly been around and has a lot more adventures to go!
    David & Thierry
    His Fully Loaded BMW.
    The 650 Dakar is Fully equipped with all Kinds of Gadgets and Heaps of Gear!
    We Wish You all the Best Thierry and Happy Journeys Friend!
  2. Good luck to him - hope he manages to complete it safely! Some dodgy countries at the moment. I don't think I've ever seen a motorcycle as heavily laden as this before!
  3. Brilliant stuff. Very interesting website. What a journey, he must have read Jupiter's Travels, Ted Simon's odyssey from the 70's or 80's.
    Good luck Thierry.
    Keep the rubber down.
  4. Sorry that I mist him! We could nearly speak the same language :). For sure a great adventure to follow on his blog, thank you Ian for making us aware about it.

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