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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Changnoi1, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Changnoi1

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    As planning to ride in Laos and understanding that there in daytime my light should be switched off I had a switch installed on the handlebar. Wires go straight to the fuse-box .... but now only the normal & high headlights are switched off. The tail light is still on, as is the small head-light.

    So would this be OK?

    And ... I noticed that the mechanic has soldered (welded?) wires together to make the wires from the switch to reach the fuse-box. IMO that is not an good idea as heat (from the electricity) could melt the soldered connection (and it sits under the tank). Is that a crazy idea or not? Solution would be to re-wire it with 1 wire that is so long that it can reach the fuse-box.

    Chang Noi
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Cambodia doesn't allow headlights during the daytime. Laos has no such rule.
  4. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    OK thanks (but why are many people confused into Laos having such a rule?)
    But well good as I am planning to extend my trip to Cambodia.

    Chang Noi
  5. johngooding

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    If the connection is cleanly soldered and properly insulated, it will not melt either from the current passing the wire, or the under tank temperature. Only the exhaust pipes would be hot enough to cause a problem and hopefully the wires are well away from those. The wire and switch would only get hot from passing current if they are not heavy enough to carry the headlight current, your mechanic should know that and use suitable parts.
  6. cdrw

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    I use and suggest you get a waterproof toggle switch from a marine boat supply shop. The handlebar mounted micro-switch I use cost under 200-Bt.
    When I first installed a light switch on my dirt bike, for Cambodia trips, I used a common toggle switch such as those found in most hardware stores.
    After a few trips it failed, due to aging and rain.
  7. Jurgen

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    I never had any problem with lights on in Laos ( apart from a couple of people winking). I think it is only compulsory in Cambodia to switch off or cover the light. I am leaving for Laos again soon and will not change anything at my Versys. Cheers

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  8. brian_bkk

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    My understanding up until now has been that you were not suppose to drive with you lights on.. The law was not enforced.

    This looks to have changed though (if the rule ever existed as now it looks like it didn't):-

    Article dated from 2011 Sept.
    " Drive lighting to be enforced next month

    By Vinnaly

    (KPL) In the coming month, road users will put on light during daytime, which is a way to reduce road accident by 20 per cent, said Chairman of Lao Vehicle Association, Mr. Saner Choulamany.

    So far, the majority of road accidents have stemmed from drink driving.

    Drive lighting will warn the driver from opposite direction to be more careful, he added.

    Under the article 17 of the traffic rule of the Lao PDR in 2007 stipulated that the road users are eligible to turn on light at night or daytime in case of heavy rain, fog and dark conditions. But there is no longer the road users will turn on light for 24 hours by the automatic light system and to improve the traffic system of Laos is suitable for the ASEAN member countries in 2015.

    So far, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Lao Vehicle Association and other sector concerned have already discussed the above plan following the study and the information collection have been done in many countries it saw that this was an effective way.

    The use of plan is expected to be tested nationwide at the end of September, said Mr. Saner.

    New import cars will be equipped with automatic light system with the property of turning off.

    Many countries has implemented the drive lighting approach have been found that it can reduce the road accident.

    On the other hand, Laos is preparing for the ASEAN community by 2015 so the standard of vehicle must be harmonised which mean the vehicles in ASEAN to be used the same technique in the ASEAN, Mr. Saner went on

    Drive lighting during daytime has already been taken place in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

    According to the information of Traffic Police Department of Ministry of Public Security reported that the main cause of road accidents and casualty were the road users� negligence, drink driving and driving without wearing the helmet.

    In the first six months of this year, more than 500 people died of 3,500 road accidents nationwide, of which motorbike covered highest rate, accounting for 85 per cent."

    We always ride with High Beam on during the day so the idiots that think they can pull across and beat you think you are closer than you really are...
    Plus easy to spot your mate behind you if other bikes have their lights on.

    You will probably get a few people flash lights at you if you have your lights on.. Just ignore it.. Nothing will happen.

    Scambodia you will get hit up by every cop under the sun.. We just covered over the lights when we took the Ninja's over.

  9. sierradelta

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    I lived in VTE, Laos for 5 years. Laos does have a NO Light on in the day rule (only Govt, Police, Military can have them on)

    Even my ex-wifes new Fino had to have a switch on it to turn the light OFF (Pain in the A it was)

    BUT, with the increase in Daytime Running Lights on all new vehicles and bike, the Police and Govt are more "relaxed" about enforcing ths rule

    Especially if you have a NON- LAO Rego Plate and a BIG motorbike

    They are only enforcing it for the locals still



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