T-Max 500 wanted !

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by Franz, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Franz

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    As I had to let go from my beloved FJR, will do so with the SRX600 and DR250 my decision for a comfortable bike is down to 1. I offer immediate payment if we can make a deal.
    Price offer: THB 220,000.- and not a satang more.
    Conditions are like the ones of my sold FJR in another threat, year 2008/model 07, good condition, no accidents, no mods............
    People interested in the offer can call me every afternoon as i am still in bed; yes one more thing, i do not like a SYM or lesser model nor do i want that piece of crap forza 300, honda shall sort their QC/QA problems first before i even touch one..........................Txs//rgds, FR
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  3. TonyBKK

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  4. Eddie The Eagle

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  5. Franz

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    Tony & Eddie, txs for your help and answers, already decided for a new T-MAX-530. As i will pay what i posted and the rest will be paid to leasing for 24 months. like the yellow colour of the one on sale !!B.rgds,FR

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