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  1. I,m planning a trip to laos for a few weeks on my bike , can i get the T2 form at the the nong khai border crossing or do i have to get it before i go , i live in bkk , appreciate any info .... cheers ryan

  2. Frank
    Immigration forms you can get at the border "as you go."
    You are supposed to fill out 2 forms a TM2 Notice of Conveyance & a TM4 Crew List.
    But first you need to do the customs paperwork - a Temporary Export for your bike.
    Then you do the Immigration paperwork.
    Good luck & pls let us know how you go with a trip report.

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  3. Frank

    Recent descriptions of Entry Proceedures at the Friendship Bridge.

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    There is a booth on the Thai side that will fill out all the forms for 100 baht.

    Also check out entry with an International Transport Permit.

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