Ta Oy To Dong - The Big Bamboo Bridge And Ho Chi Minh Trail Ride.

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  1. G'day All,

    This is a great ride from Ta Oy to Dong following the Ho Chi Minh Trail all the way.

    A real big Thank you to Chris (AKA- Steve C Canyon) for the help and track.
    Check out Chris's site here.. The Ho Chi Minh Trail – Laos Motorcycle Tours
    A wealth of information.

    You have to see and ride the BIG Bamboo bridge..

    Just amazing.


    To get to this amazing bridge you have a great little ripper of a ride from Ta Oy along the Ho Chi Minh Trail..

    Lots if small creek crossings




    Zipping along some lovely parts of the HCM Trail.. Some great climbs up the hills too.


    This was quite funny.. They wave, so I slow down to say hi.. As I stop.. They all run and hide.. (In the video below)


    Some wonky bridges to zip over


    More fabulous crossings.


    After the BIG Bamboo bridge the road is wide and graded all the way to Dong.



    A short video of the HCM Trail ride below

  2. I was in Ta Oy about 8 years ago. Just getting to the town was difficult enough then. This looks great fun Brian, love the long bridge too.

    Any chance of a map of the route or the gpx track?

  3. Hi Craig,

    You are welcome to the track..
    Must admit it is one big rats nest of log files that need sorting :)

    When I sort it out.. will add here.. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks

  4. GREAT shot of the bridge!!!!
  5. So sorry in Germany we can`t open the video. It is blocked because of the music. Blocked by the Gema.
  6. Seems Germany has very strict copyright application of music.

    Good bunch of my vids blocked in Germany.

    Could always try a vpn or proxy service B-)

  7. Wow, thats quite THE bamboo bridge eh.
    Good stuff. Super vdo & loadsa fun out there in Laos.
    Impressed. Well done & thanks for the continued contributions.

    Keep 'em going - you're an inspiration for many other Lao riders to be.
  8. Yea shit this situation Brian. I m sitting here in cold Germany. Since nearly 30 years no winter for me always in Thailand - Laos etc. But my business at home give me no time to fly to Asia. Hope in 6 or 8 weeks I m back. Time than to see your fantastic Video.
  9. Fantastic view of the bamboo bridge Brian. This bridge is on my route this coming January and your vdo is a real teaser. Thanks for posting. Cheers!
  10. Great video of the bridge Brain, its defiantly on my list of trails to ride.

    Just think how much work went into making that bridge.

    Nice report.

  11. A little update on this route..

    From Dong to Nong.. ( don't mix them up ;-)
    It is paved all the way.. around an 8 km patch in the middle some where that is dirt.
    Really easy dirt.. Comfortable ride it on the Versys.

    But don't get too excited.. As from Nong to the Big Bamboo is still little track and dirt.
    - Doable on bigger more road orientated bikes for those keen.. As long as not wet.

    Now.. You better get there quick.
    After we rode the Big Bamboo.. All back to HCMTrail as expected..
    But the last I think 10 or 16 KM to Ta Oy is all tarmac now..

    In my original video above from 2 years ago..
    Those early creek crossings are gone and around 4 or 5 bridges in place.

    In the video here.. from the Big Bamboo through the creek crossings you can see it is still a fun ride..
    But for how long?

    Here are a few close up pics of the Big Bamboo Bridge. A bit overcast this day unfortunately

    15319178_1373368679353727_5697734560443955981_n. 15326575_1373368299353765_5559846319200701949_n.
    15327482_1373368732687055_5472939213396864677_n. .
  12. Thanks for the up date Brian. I still think there will be a few dirt alternatives to the paved road.
    I'm sure you'll find them. ;)
    I just love that bridge.

  13. Just to add..

    The locals said it takes them 2 days to put the bridge up.

    Bloody impressive..


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