Ta Xua - The Most Amazing Trail In Vietnam?

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    Recuperating from my knee replacement I stumbled across this vdo clip on the web

    This is Ta Xua the 10th highest mountain in VIetnam. Ta Xua is approx 200 kms fro Hanoi.
    ta xua map_article_large.

    The Ta Xua Nature Reserve was established in 2002.
    The topography of the region is characterized by high, steeply sloping mountains, ranging in altitude from 320 to 2765 m a.s.l. with inclinations of between 30◦and 40◦. The climate is humid-tropical and is influenced by the north-east monsoon. At the nearest meteorological station (Phu Yen, c. 40 km from Ta Xua Nature Reserve at 175 m a.s.l.), the annual precipitation ranges from 1600 to 1900 mm, and the average temperature is 20C

    Peach trees flowers in season

    But Ta Xua is famous for it's Sea of Fog views from December - March

    Check out these websites for more highlights & info

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    How's going for a ride & a thril?
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  2. DU, You probably saw my post on the original video - basically that for riders who enjoy true adventure, who over pottering around Chiang Mai, stunning Vietnam is your place!
    Are you considering this outing, with the GF up, in the early stages of testing your new knee? LOL
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  3. Thanks Rod.
    Vietnam is awesome there's no doubt, but my attention is actually directed more at Myanmar now, so hopefully in the future some short trips maybe coming up some how.

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