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  1. Great place to stay in Tak - Suan Sin Hotel


    Air-con rooms, quiet garden setting, breakfast (coffee and toast) included...350 baht!

    Very friendly 70-year-old Thai owner; must be the best deal in Thailand.

  2. There are two Suansin hotel locations in Tak; I usually stay at the one which is located on hwy 104 (see previous map posted) at the intersection of Hwy-1.
    The two hotels are now run by the founders son, Nat; his elderly father has since passed away.

    When I travel north to Chiang Mai, etc. I often have overnighted at the other Suansin Resort on Hwy 104, which is a little nicer (newer) than
    the one indicated in the previous post.
    All rooms have comfortable queen sized beds, not a Thai rock hard mattress, H/W, TV, Refrig and free and fast (600-kB/s+) WiFi.
    A/C rooms currently priced at 380-Bt, Fan rooms 250-Bt
    A free breakfast buffet each morning in the lobby: coffee/tea/juice, toast/butter/jam, sweet rolls, etc.
    There is also a restaurant on site, mainly Thai/Chinese cuisine...meals 40-Bt +



  3. The Rommanee Hotel
    GTR - IMG_1104.JPG

    A huge "garden resort" with a huge concrete car park, on the quieter west side of the River.
    GTR - IMG_1106.JPG

    Rooms & bungalows
    480 baht for upstairs & 500 baht for the ground floor rooms.
    Get a ground floor one!

    Clean, quiet aircon, "solid" beds.
    GTR - IMG_1107.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1109.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1110.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1111.JPG

    GTR - IMG_1112.JPG


    Google Maps location
    Google Maps
  4. Viangtak Hotel
    A Thai town on a river always has some decent restaurants / pubs / hotels adjacent to the water, and Tak is no exception.

    vingtak-hotel-tak-6-. vingtak-hotel-tak-5-. vingtak-hotel-tak-4-.

    The Viangtak Hotel ticks all the boxes in the "classic" sense of what an old Thai hotel should offer the traveling public - the quintessential "one stop shop" type of hotel!
    • Restaurant/s
    • Thai massage
    • Karaoke
    • Nightclub
    • Swimming pool
    • A bath with hot water in the bathroom
    • A mini-bar, for that urgent "quick cold beer" while the bath is running
    • Patio with a water view for sundown beers


    It's aging and some aspects are a little tired but the rooms are spacious, the beds are very comfortable and everything is within walking distance.


    The room rate was 1200 THB but includes an expansive buffet breakfast.


    • The night market starts right outside on the town side of the hotel.
    • The Saturday morning market extends along the waterfront from the hotel to the Highway 12 bridge.
    It is also easy to find, being the largest building on the waterfront, and has extensive parking on both east and west side, with security.

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