Tak to Mae Sot - dangerous oil slick - 06.11.2012

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  1. Just a heads-up to anyone interested, there's a really nasty oil slick on the Tak to Mae Sot highway about 22km in from Tak (so obviously heading east to west!). You start hill-climbing through some lovely sweeping turns at around 19km and then when the sweeping corners become tight..... that's where it is...... on a normally lovely tight uphill left hander where you can see the "out" and really crank the bike over, some **** has left a lovely long oil slick running down the road and round the corner...... she had me this afternoon! Please ride with caution, don't want to add your debris to mine, and a pick-up's before me!
  2. Yikes! Thanks for the heads up as we'll be riding this way on Friday on our way to the MHS Music Fest and I was looking forward to ripping through that section. Did you crash? Hope you're ok!!
  3. Hope you are in one piece and not too much damage to the bike...

    No more rain for the season.. That is going to stay there for a while unless someone cleans it up..

    What a mongrel..

  4. Thanks for the concern guys..... appreciated. Just took a tiny bit of bark off me elbow..... I was wearing a good thick cotton riding shirt that wasn't damaged so it was more of a friction burn with the cotton than anything,...... and leather riding jeans: I knocked my knee on impact but no scrapes, just a bit stiff and old this morning! Wasn't much of a chance to do myself damage as I was cranked way over and the front wheel just slid out on the oil and I just parted company with the saddle...... was up and running before the bike had finished sliding....... up-hill!

    I managed to snap the lower fairing panel in half, snapped the windshield and bent the handlebars back a tad on the left side...... perfectly rideable to get her home.

    You can see the oil residue on the bike...... this was a fresh slick, and not small!


    Took the bike round to the Thai guy who repairs car and bike plastics on Montri road (opposite Bridgestone on Charoen Muang road) and gave him the whole fairing to refurbish as it had a number of hairline splits anyway, gonna be about 3 weeks to finish...... then I'll need to find a good spray/graphics person.

    Not worried about the handlebars as the ride up from Pattaya showed me I need a rise of about 2" so was in the market for a new set anyway. The bash plate has a small impact dent that'll press out easily enough..... it's just such a shit because I was hoping to get the bike round to the fabrication shop down near the Airport Mall to have a decent set of crash bars made and fitted whilst I'm away at work...... that'll all have to be put off till Dec/Jan now. Ah well, these things are sent to try us!


    Hmmmmm....... yes, coulda done with you! :problem:
  5. Shit Bad Luck Martin. Good to hear You are OK though! You can get some decent Bars and a Variety Risers from the Thai Helmet Shop heading from the Corner of the Moat down to Pantip Plaza. The Shop is halfway down on the Left.
    There are a few Places that make New Stickers on Computers and once in Position You can Just Clear coat over them? Cheaper than trying to Find a Graphics Painter? Good Luck with the Repair .
  6. Wow. Thanks for the tip off & glad you know you're ok.

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