Take my money for your bike and go on vacation

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking to buy a bike in December. Some of you might have nice bikes collecting dust in their garage.
    Why not take my money and spent a nice xmas/new year instead of witnessing your bike's value drop? :)

    I'm riding a F800GS now (that I can't import to BKK) and that would be the ideal bike
    But I'll consider offers for any kind of bike really, as long as its got two wheels and I can fit my 6"4 on it (I'm looking at you Monstro, sorry you're out).
    Enduro, roadster, oldie, sport bike, anything I said! :smile1:

    Plus I'm sure this thread can be useful for many people, let's say this is the garage sale of the year!

  2. Hi there!

    I have a nice Yamaha Spark 135cc fuel injection from 2009 with only 1300Km on the odo. Bike is in perfect condition.

    I need around Euro 2000 to spend a nice Xmas with my family back in Europe.


    Do we have a deal?

  3. I dont think yours meets the criteria of of collecting dust and losing value. At 2000 euro it is appreciating in value...
  4. Ha! Nice try ;)
  5. Yeah my bikes are same as NickyBKK they are all appreciating in value, this is Thailand not Australia or America remember.

    There are many bikes for sale all the time here but in December (harder) why not just buy a new one 130K to 245K better deal, up to you?

    Just don't think your article will attract many people, but worth a try to play game, good luck and cheers.
  6. Yamaha Spark 135cc .... Price should not be 1100 Euro right? Sorry I've just seen them on some web site...
  7. You are welcome to make me an offer on my Versys. Fantastic bike for Thailand, but it's almost 2 years old now so I'm thinking about getting something newer.


    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  8. Hi Guillaume

    sorry to hear about your GS ... i have a great bike that i have owned from new Triumph Sprint ST ....awesome combination of sport/tourer

    You can see pics posted up by my friend TONYBKK on Sept 17th.
    Triumph Sprint ST post.

    if your intersted please give me call 086 777 1962

    cheers ....hope you find what your looking for .

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