taking 2 kg of metal on my flight/ problem?

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  1. Upon Joe's recommendation I bought some spares, mainly ball bearings. If I were to x-ray my own luggage I would certainly be put on high alert by such lump of metal.
    Anyone with experience ?
  2. my bags usually go between UK and Thailand full of spares , tools and other metallic trash , exhaust systems ,impact guns ,diagnostic kit , never had a problem but it must go in checked in baggage .taking back to UK a newly polished exhaust system tommorow cost £5 to do it here £100 in UK also fairing parts painted here for £20 ....£150 in UK big savings all round special Ducati and other parts cheaper in UK but services cheaper here .
  3. I flew in with a set of Termi slip ons in my carry on bag. One leg security had to OK it with the flight crew but other than that no worries.
  4. Hand carried a Satellite antenna dome in my luggage.. Had to buy an extra big case for it.

    The transceiver in my cabin baggage received some attention in Singapore when I went through the gate..

    Opened it and showed them, explained what it was. No problem..

    You should be fine.. as long as not explosive or flammable, usual criteria at the check in counter..
    If you are in doubt.. Ring the airline up and check.

    If you are worried about customs in Thailand. They tend to profile certain nationalities..
    I usually get behind a group of Indians or Mainland Chinese.. They get all the attention and customs wave you through..
    Otherwise head to the X-ray machine that is already busy.. stand there and look a bit irritated and wait, usually you get waved through..

    Be wearing smart to business clothes so you look like a business type traveller... no jeans and sandals.

  5. My luggage was overweight by a slight amount when transferring from an International flight to Air Asia in Bangkok to Chiang Mai. They said I could remove items. Not really thinking, I removed a set of sprockets. My next concern was how on earth can I carry these onto the plane? I had them wrapped in plastic at the "baggage wrapping stand" and just placed them on the security conveyor. No questions asked. Think what havoc one could create if you went "nuts" with a set of sprockets on a plane. Scarey.

    You obviously don't know our ever dapper Mr. Pico. :D

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