taking a Thai bike into Malaysia

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  1. lived for many years in Malaysia and regularly rode my bike into Thailand - border crossings and Sadao, Betong and Sunge Golok were very simple, just had to buy Thai insurance on the Malaysian side of the border (2 weeks or 4 weeks) if going further than 50km across the border (otherwise not needed), and have either a copy of the ownership papers (if the bikes in your name) or a letter from the owner (or looking like it was from the owner) saying no objection to you taking the bike across the border.

    have now moved to Thailand and want to take my Thai registered bike into Malaysia, using the Betong and Sadao crossings. conflicting stories on the forum about what is needed - copy of green book (obviously), but is an english translation also required? do i need to buy Malaysian insurance, and if so where - Thai side or Malaysian side? Sticker with translation of Thai numberplate into roman?

    also stories about getting temporary export paperwork from the Thai customs to avoid problems when returning?

    anyone done the crossing recently and can spare 10 minutes to give an up-to-date summary much appreciated.

  2. We crossed into Malaysia at Betong last year, insurance for Malaysia and translation of license plate has to be bought in Betong. We did not know and where already at the Malaysia border post when we found out. A Thai fixer was called who arranged it but we had to wait 2 hrs so better do it yourself in Betong. Otherwise just green book and passport.
    We came back into Thailand at Sadao and were across in no time. Think the set-up at Sadao is better and local officials seem to be more familiar with big bikes there.

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