Taking a Vietnamese bike into Thailand and selling it there...

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm currently in Laos and coming to the end of my trip... I'd love to ride into Thailand (I have a Vietnamese registered bike, so I believe this is possible) but I'm flying out of Bangkok, so I would be looking to sell it there...

    I've heard many mixed answers about whether I can take it in and not leave with it... I really want to ride around Isaan, so even if there's a (small) penalty for leaving without it, it would still probably be cheaper than renting a bike for 10 days...

    Anyway, any advice/knowledge anyone has would be much appreciated.


  2. It would be a difficult sale because who'd want a bike that's registered in Vietnam?
  3. And secondly if I would trying to make a custom crime I do not think it is so clever to post it on a Internet Site/ Or what do You think?

    MP-Terveisin HIKO
  4. There are a few people always interested in Vietnamese registered bikes. That is the easiest way into Vietnam on a bike. I personally bought a Viet rego scooter and rode it to Vietnam and then left it there. The Thai side does not care what name is on the papers as long as the temp import is cleared and the bike leaves. I am not saying it is a easy sell in Thailand, as the market is small, and you may make very little back.

    To stay legal ( the temp import papers are tied to your passport number) you can always ride over the border into Cambodia ( cancelling the temp import paper into Thailand) and donate/sell/leave your bike there and walk back into Thailand. Many ways to look at a problem and come up with a solution.

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