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    Taking big bikes for a spin Hobby turns into fruitful career choice Published:
    8 Apr 2014

    Touring on a big bike not only take riders to many interesting places but also provides a genuine touch of natural beauty and fresh, clean air that can add to the excitement of freedom, agility and comfort on two secure wheels.

    That is the business concept Big Bike Tours (BBT), an operator in Chiang Mai, adopts with its big bike rental service to tourists.

    Without any advertising, riding a big bike has been a popular activity for tourists in Chiang Mai for several years. Some girls want to be a pillion rider of luxury motorcycles more than sitting in a super car, as it is more fun and exciting.

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    Good Stuff, A bit of a Boost to get an Article in the Bangkok Post! Most of Us up here know them and have ridden with them at different times. Nice Guys.
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