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  1. Morning everyone. I hope to take my Thai Registered Bike to Lao next Week.I want to take a look at Luang Prabang. On my previous two visits to Lao by Bike I crossed into Lao on the Ferry at Nakon Phanom as on both occasions I was heading South (Sii Pan Don) if you have never been GO!!

    As I live in Udon the Bridge at Nong Kai would be the perfect entry point. I read that someone with a Thai Bike crossed there recently without any problems. I wonder if anyone has some reliable intelligence as to the Likelihood of my being allowed to take my Bike over the Bridge at Nong Kai.

    Unless I hear that I have an even chance of crossing at Nong Kai would crossing at Nakon Phanom be my best alternative. I suppose that never knowing if you will be admitted is all part of the adventure of a trip to Lao, although frankly riding up and down Thailand looking for a way into Lao is beginning to become something of a Bore!!
  2. Just a couple of quick questions. Should I be refused entry at the Friendship Bridge at Nong Kai where is me nearest crossing point to get me on the road to Luang Prabang. Assuming I can get in via Nong kai how long a trip is it from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, on the Map it looks like an easy Days Ride!!

    I promise I will let you know if I was allowed over the Bridge when I get back!!!
  3. You could go east (about 140km) to Bung Kan and take the ferry.
    Or you could go west to Thali and hit the "highway" to LP.
  4. Hi thanks for information. I think if I have no luck at Nong Kai Bung Khan is favorite. Any idea if Visa on arrival is issued at Pakxan (Lao town opposite Beung Kan!!
  5. No Visa on Arrival in Pakxan - get a visa in the Lao consulate in Khom Kaen if you want use the Bung Khan to Pakxan crossing.
  6. Cannot be bothered with the inevitable Hassle at Nong Kai. So will waste a Day going to Nakon Phanom!! Thanks for replies/Suggestions
  7. Nong khai Vientiane crossing is straight forward.
    Busy but no hassle.

    Let us know how you go getting across which ever crossing you decide.
  8. Thanks very much Brian. That is a definite positive!! I will go to Nong Khai!! As I am planning on going to Luang Prabang crossing at Nong Khai will save me a day, as Nakon Phanom Vientiane would be a Good days Ride!! Thanks again!!!

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