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  1. Just returned from a couple of weeks in Lao. Thanks to the kind people who replied to my inquiry regarding the likelihood of my being able to take my bike across the Nong Kai Bridge. In the event I had no difficulty whatsoever. And unlike my previous two crossings with a Bike at Ta Kaek I was not "Hit up" for a bribe by the Lao Customs!!

    Was Nicked by a Spotty faced Yokel masquerading as a Policeman in Veintien, an attempted left turn at some traffic Lights (as One does in Thailand) of course put me on the wrong side of the Road. Although I backpedaled and waited for the lights to change my " Peek round the corner had been observed) and gave the Cretin sitting in the Police Box all the excuse he needed to shake me down for 50,000 Kip. I had the option of accompanying him to the Police Office, but decided that giving the Creep some cash was the sensible Move!!

    The Road from Vang Veing to Luang Prabang is rather scarey in parts but quite doable!! There is so little traffic on it. One never quite knows when going round corners what to expect by way of Road surface, Potholes are huge and I averaged 35 KPH!! I am sure others could and do go a lot faster but I am in no hurry!! I totally fell in love with Luang Prabang and hope to go for a bit longer but will probably use my Car next time!!
  2. How big is your bike? I hear that only 250cc and larger bikes are being allowed across from Thailand to Laos at the Friendship Bridge.
  3. My Bike is bigger than that. I think you are probably correct about smaller bikes not being admitted, as most of the previous difficulties have been because Lao did not want Vientien to be invaded by swarms of Thai Registered Honda Dreams and all the usual small bikes.

    I was talking to an interesting Guy in Luang Prabang who explained that it was illegal to own or import bikes bigger than 250cc into Lao. The Lao Police Bikes are only 200cc and could not catch you!!! I mentioned that I had seen Harley' s in Both Luang Prabang and Veintien and and had it explained that you can do whatever the F**k you like in Lao if you have Money/Influence!! A bit like Thailand really!! This chap went on to explain that while in Thailand people were afraid of the Mafias (The biggest of course being the "Royal Thai Police Force!!) in Lao it was the Government who scared people and he freely admitted to having to be extremely careful about making any criticisms!!
  4. I would like to try and get in with a Lifan 200. Do you think they will let in?
  5. Maybe you should slap a 250 sticker on it? :mrgreen:

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