taking my bike to Thailand from Cambodia

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  1. Hi. I just bought A motorcycle in Cambodia .Want to take it into Thailand. The bike papers I have are the previous owner"s regerstation card and a bill of sale.Will this be enough to get my bike over the border?
  2. my 2-cents of comment, FWIW, as the bike is not technically registered in your name.

    I have my doubts that Thai Immigration will let you in, especially if your bill of sale was not notarized and just written between you and the seller. YMMV

    You and the seller may need to go to the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, in PP, and get the title transferred to your name!
  3. Unless Cambodia has some agreement with Thailand, I can't see the difference of bringing a bike into Thailand from any other country, ie: Singapore, Malaysia, Australia. I got a 30 day customs "visa" regardless of my own visa status. Basically I had to get the bike over to a border crossing to the Thai customs every month. I even had a Carnet, which made no diffence.
    I hope I am wrong in your case, it is always worth a try.

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