Tamboon Sunday Nong Bua Lampho


Oct 14, 2005
Hello Eagle Riders and all Biker friends,

On Sunday, 07th. February 2010, we would like to join the openings ceremony of a Temple at Nong Bua Lampoo, the Police escort would be guiding this very big procession.
This new Temple is mainly donated from the Boss of the company UDON MASTER TECH. Most of the Eagle Riders know him personally, 2 times we were invited at his Air Port, by the Sand Track inauguration.

The meeting time on the 7th. Feb. is 7:00 AM, the departing time is 7:30 AM. Meeting spot is opposite the Electricity office, SRI CHOMCHUN ROAD. Coming from the Srisuk Rd. turn to the Tourist Police office, drive to the traffic lights, right turn on the Sri Chomchun Road, drive straight till you see the electicity office, and a little further a very big Market, and the SATREE RACHINNUTHIT SCHOOL, opp. this spot, you would`nt miss this place for sure!!

I wish all of us a very pleasant and safe ride, for this good deed.