Tamoen Thom Castle

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  1. Somewhere near Prha Viharn what is it where is it
  2. Look in Google Earth at 14.350 N and 103.265 E.
  3. Why do the Thais describe it as a castle? its a temple /Wat thingy
  4. No idea why its called Castle - haven't seen this name before.

    Actually there are quite a few temples in that area (Dongrak mountain range) all with different/similar names like Prasat Ta Moan Thom or “Great Temple of Grandfather Moan” in Khmer, Prasat Ta Moan Toch which in Khmer means “the Small Temple of Grandfather Moan” and about 1500 north of the Tha Moan Thom the Ta Moan’s Fire Shrine.
  5. These Temples tend to be on bluffs live Phra Viharn in Thai territory overlooking Cambodia below .The border was established on the bluffs for military reasons ...so the Thais could overlook Cambodia below.

    The border dispute over Phra viharn is facile, yes it was built by Kymers 1000 years ago but it at the top of the bluff so its clearly in Thailand , except on the old French maps and thats why there is a dispute.It would be easy for sensible people to share the access however.

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