Tax and Book Amnesty till Spetmeber 25

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  1. This was done in Udon, I will say one thing that is a lot less then I paid for my book and plate. This is Thailand the end users experience may be different I don't know. But it is a chance to get a bike legal with less money.


    Hi Ray,

    As usual spent my afternoon banging my head against the wall asking the wrong people the right questions, but here goes…

    I’ve just been down to both the tax & the plating/book places. Even after import tax they want their pound of flesh!! They couldn’t value the Desperado as didn’t have the number for it in their little book. They valued Morty’s bike at 429k, tax payable 14,087b. The Fazer was valued at 620,400b, tax payable 20,473.20b (.20?? belabouring the point a little??!!) This amnesty finishes on the 25th Sept.

    We then went to the big testing/licensing centre in Non Soon as advised, they knew nothing about anything of course. They DID however pick up on the fact that wanker Jimmy from Udorn Lamtong had never even completed a receipt to say the bike was in my name, watch out lads! That needs to be sent off to Bkk for something, but won’t cost.

    Came back to the vehicle testing centre in Udorn, knew nothing in the offices, sent me to a guy out in the bay said that we can ride with impunity anywhere on this deal; if the police catch you just show the paper and away scot free.

    Both he and the tax people said to get a book & plate would be an extra 20-30k, dependant on year/make/model and also advised against it as a pull from the police will involve only a 4-500b fine for no plate rather than possible impounding. Not value for money, as it were.

    We can’t then tax the bikes after or even insure them 1st/2nd class as this isn’t proper registration. You need book & plate for that.

    They say after the closing date we’ll have to go to Bkk to do this, and will be far more expensive, don’t know how much though; surprise surprise!!

    That’s as much info as I’ve been able to glean, clear as mud? Here too :(We took all the bike papers, so they could see what was paid for them, duty already paid etc too. Dunno?

    Bladdy good job I had nothing better to do with the day, LOL‼

  2. So if I am understanding this correctly, from now till the 25th of September, there will be an amnesty on tax for big bikes that have not paid tax or do not have the green book? Any more information you have on this would be great.

    I am currently trying to figure out how much it would cost to get my bikes legal. I figure with all the crack downs lately, there has to be something in the way of a pay out for the police, giving out green books and getting the tax down to a reasonably rate could actually encourage a lot of people to get their bikes legal this year.

    I have been told by a few people that paying the tax would get the bike a sticker and insurance and would allow it to be ridden without too much undue hassle.

    If anyone has more information about getting bikes legal for 2009 I would greatly appreciate it as I know a lot of others would too. The thread for green books is getting a bit stale.
  3. I wish I could give you more information. However, this was an e-mail form one of the guys on the ride list so you know as much as I do.

    Maybe a good approach would be to follow the general guidelines he did in his area and see what you come up with. I wouldn't do it with the bike though that might be a,little to up close and personal in the end.

    I have noticed a marked change in Police activity here in Udon, not only with bikes every kind of road vehicle.

    The government is short of tax revenue I did read where a special unit was sit up to get get some more. I haven't seen any big bikes seen but I have seen small bikes in the back of Police Pickups. Why they were there I have no idea, I was stopped when driving my pickup. Checked the pickup sticker and my license and sent me on my way. They are sit up in places that I have never seen them before. Used to be able to know where they were by the day of the week adn time of day. Not that way anymore. I don't recognize any of them as being Udon cops, I got to know the locals before once I was stopped unless a new guy showed up I wasn't stopped again.

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