Tax Disks not available for 2 months

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  1. Something new today when renewing tax and insurance on the DTracker at the Nong Hoi Vehicle Office. Insurance no problem, 100 baht paid for new Tax Disk, printed in book, no problem. Then please come back in 2 months for disk, (or is it disc)?. Today no have, please come back 2 months. So I guess either some stationary problem or a computer glitch with the disc printing. Receipt for the tax stamped with something in red mentioning 60 days, show this if problem.
  2. I just renewed mine two days ago at the Roi Et office with no problems, you are just talking about the little square paper you post on the bike aren't you? Shouldn't be a problem unless you leave Thailand and then who knows? Good luck. Brian
  3. Yes that's the one, you are supposed to display it on the bike, but they did give me a receipt with a stamped message saying something like, old disk valid for 60 days, so as you say should not be a problem. I was interested to see if just a Chiang Mai or a national problem. As you got yours OK, must be just up here.
  4. Hi John!

    About 3 weeks ago it was no problem at Chonburi DLT.

    Two months seems an inordinate amount of time for a paper issue- wonder if they meant "please return before 60 days." Might be worth it to stop by or call in a few weeks.
  5. May pop in if I am in the area, but they definitely said come back in 2 months and told the same to the guy in front of me. Will see, no big hassle anyway.
  6. John, I was at the bike transport office in CM 2 days ago and got the rego label straight away
  7. Thanks for your updates gents. Took my bit of paper dated 4th September, which said come back in 60 days in to Nong Hoi today. Go to Desk 3 please, no queue, please sit down, off to another desk, looked in the book, found printed disk, crossed through the 60 day comment on my paper, handed them both to me and said all finished. No explanation of why not available before. So it is still a mystery, but appears whatever the hold up was, it is now cleared. Friday 13th, lucky for some, now just have to get thro the rest of this Friday without tripping over anything.

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