Taxes paid how do you get a book on an older bike?

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  1. Severeal guys took advantage of the recent program and paid the 3% import tax. What would be involved in getting the book now?
  2. thanks for the input.
  3. So for us poor buggers that missed the 3% deadline what happens now? Can we still get the tax paid at a higher rate. I didn't do it because I didn't think it would be worth it at the time. I a bike without a book is still a bike without a book.

    For anyone who has done this, have you had any problems with getting pulled over. Anyone been pulled over and showed the tax form and been waived through?
  4. A lot of people dont have the Customs invoice which means the bike can never be legal.
  5. I have the invoice, so I can go ahead with this. I would be interested to hear what people think. Is this a temporary fix to driving an unregister bike or is this something that won't do me much good if I don't have an official licence.

    Another question, if you do pay the tax what do you get. I have been told that if you go in to pay that tax you can get a registration sticker, the round ones that are supposed to be displayed on bikes. From the way I understand it, if you have this sticker (at least at present time) you won't be hassled. Is the the same thing as the sticker?
  6. My best guess if you try to go throught the process of getting the book aftre this, the bike probably won't pass the emmission test. Withoput some Tea money paying the 3% protects you from the tax guys. Better then nothing. Will it change later to include the book. Who knows but It's another way of getting money and thats what this has all been about.

    I was hoping to run across someone who had actually went though the process since this all started. I paidn big bucks for my book on the 400 the 800 already had one. Will I recover the mn money at point of sale I seriously doubt it. The price will always be compared to non registered bikes. So I think I will have the 400 for a very long time :lol:
  7. Not really Ray,

    I see bikes with green book goes way higher in sales price than bike with invoice or no invoice.

    I can get a 3% taxed bike much cheaper than an equal green book bike, if no tax they are even cheaper as people don't want to have the hassle of getting the bike confiscated, OR as the invoice bikes, a ticket for riding without registration when you go out.

    the price list from the Police is this

    Riding without a plate = 400 baht
    Riding without green book = 400 baht
    Riding with overdue taxes = 400 baht

    That is 1200 baht fine without green book in reality even though you have paid the 3%, you still have no legal reg, hence no green book, hence no road tax paid.

    Also if you have no insurance it adds up another 600 baht.

    Conversely if they think your bike will NOT pass the requirements, it's another 1000 baht fine. Should you NOT have a National plus International license OR Thai license it's another 400, and should you miss a part on the bike, say required fender it adds another 1000 baht.

    So WCS could be up to 4200 baht fine, and YES they do give multiple fines now...
  8. Well as many times as I have been stopped here in Udon of Late I'm making money :lol:
  9. To confuse things even more, I've got a red plate from a dealership with a few numbers and "Hua Hin" on it. The boys at the bike shop told me this would take care of the tax situation since they are paying taxes. (?) That and insurance made out in the frame number of the bike plus the invoice has gotten me by the last year; who knows how long it will last.
    Can you pay these 3% at any registration office or do you have to go to the transportation department in Bangkok?

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