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  1. 1999 TDM 850 For Sale - Registered & With Book

    ~10,000 miles on the odometer

    This bike has been serviced and stored at Red Baron.
    Recent work includes a new rear tire, chain and tune-up.

    The TDM is a twin engine liquid cooled 4 stroke with a 5 speed transmission. It has two thermostatically controlled radiator fans to help keep it cool when it is not moving. It also uses a generous amount of oil to help lubricate and cool the engine as well. This was a great benefit with the hot temperatures I experienced in Thailand. The 1999 model had many advances over earlier models including better carbs which smoothed the power ramp especially from a standing stop. This made the bike much more friendly to handle. It is a great touring bike since the rider is in a more upright position. It also provides a fuel gauge which also helps for monitoring petrol on those longer rides. I rode this bike on the Mae Hong Son loop and it performed well on road as well as off-road. The off-road performance is somewhat derived from its lineage back to the Tenere (a dual-purpose bike similar to an Africa Twin).

    Pics of my bike: ... 495593&f=0

    I bought this bike last year from a mechanic who worked at SIAM Superbike in Pattaya. Note that this is not the same nor is it affiliated with Peter's shop of the same name in Bangkok. I went thru the hassle of getting the book and let me tell you that it is not something you want to experience. Not getting the book upfront screwed my plans for travel to other countries since I could not get export papers. Eventually, I got the book and the bike is now in my wife's name. This is typical in Thailand since foreigners that are in the country for short periods of time have difficulty regestering ownership and usually put it in a friend's name or spouse.

    So I did a good chunk of the riding I wanted and was hoping to return soon but believe that won't be for sometime now. So I am biting the bullet and posting it for sale. [:(]

    Here is advice on buying a bike in Thailand as given by Peter from SiamSuperBike in Bangkok:

    * Is the green book available and do the engine frame numbers line up with it? (Common practice here to “recycle” old books)
    * Who is the registered legal owner? many foreigners here put the vehicle in a friend’s name; the “friend” may not be available to sign over the transfer.
    * Is the registration and PLB (3rd party insurance) current?
    * Is the vehicle locally registered.
    * NEVER hand over all the money until you have possesion of the registration book in your name. Sellers will come out with all reasons why it is SAFE to do so . Do not get caught, there are many reasons why a transfer cannot be transacted, you will not know them all. Don't be fooled by the big smile or the fact that the seller is from your own culture.
  2. Hi 5/12 dude,
    Actual name of the shop in Pattaya is “Siam Racing” my shop is Siam Superbike.
    But the reason for the post though is to inform you and others of another pitfall when dealing privately, some few weeks ago a friend of mine decided to sell his car, one of his Thai business associates told him his son was interested. The son came around and a price was agreed. The son put down a deposit of 100K on the car which was worth approx 400 K. Son said to my friend, I need to get finance and for that I need the Registration book and signed transfer paper, my friend handed this over as he knew and trusted the family. Apparently the son marched of to a “Tent car dealer” (These guys are usually low life crooks masquerading as car dealers) to get the finance. The son stupidly handed over the registration book and papers in return for 50,000 Baht and a promise of the rest of the money on Monday, well several Mondays have come and gone and still no balance has been forth coming (and probably never will) so my friend is out of pocket by 250,000 Baht. He really has no recourse unless the Business associate comes well with the money. Now my friend is no mug, he’s been here a while and had no reason not to trust his business associate whom he knows well and seems quite well off himself with the obligatory new model “Rot Benz” etc. But apparently the business associate despite appearances is having trouble himself keeping up the payments, so not really in a position to help his son out.
  3. Can you tell us why the photos of your 5 year old motorcycle show it with a Thai plate that has not been issued for over ten years?


    "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"
  4. Bob, My guess is the reason for the older Thai plate is that, as usual the bike has a recycled book. Do the books on your bikes match the real year of your bike? John
  5. John

    My books are both good. The older book has the original owner listed first - he still lives in Chiang Mai. The new bike has my name as first in the book.

    I think that in this case, it is a plate recycled from an old bike, and the book made to match. I don't know what would happen if you tried to take it out of country, or change the place of registration.

    Both of mine have been out of country on several occasions, with no problem.


    "Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "...holy shit...what a ride!"
  6. Five12dude,

    I tried to email you and ask this same question to keep it off the board, but your email didn't work. But seeing as it has now been asked on the board; My 1998 TDM was purchased through Red Baron in BKK. Although it took almost 8 months I finally received a new book with everything matching. As BobS says, the first name was the owner of Red Baron and then it was legally transferred to me and registered in BKK. Many of the border crossings are now becoming computerized in Thailand and if your reg is not good it could cause a problem.

    When you had your bike here in Chiang Mai for service this was noticed by quite a few people. How did you get your reg and is there anyone here can check and see what the Transport Department says about it? It may be worth taking a look and make it an easier sell for you.

    Dave Early

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  7. Regarding my bike that was serviced in C.M. I went into the office in C.M. to move my book from Bkk to C.M. The authorities checked the frame and engine numbers with the masking tape and then asked what I wanted to do. They told me I could just pay the tax and didn't have to move the book. That is what I did. (Also I didn't have to change my plate to the new wind catcher model.) But you are right in the case I want to sell my bike. The bike would have to go to Bkk to transfer the book. I don't intend to sell the bike at this time so that is not a consideration. My tax expires in July, so that is when I will move the book to Pattaya as this bike is now located there. The point I was trying to make in my early post is that some of the books that are older still work. Different ways to the same end. By the way is the price being asked for this TDM a good price? John
  8. I forgot to add that my bike has been out of the country as well. John
  9. John,

    My mistake. I was directing my message to the TDM Owner five12dude. I typed in your name which I have changed. He has the old skinny/wide plate if you look at the photos. The price he is asking for the TDM is reasonable in my opinion if everything is in order. I inquired on it myself and then I remembered seeing the bike here in CM and some of the discussions about the reg.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  10. Hey, cement47 is looking for a bike ramp in the general section here.

    Your bike has a built in Power Ramp, it would be perfect for him. Although it may prove aerodynamically a drag.

    [:D] Dave
  11. is this bike still for sale and where in thailand is it.
  12. All,

    sorry for my lack of responses. I assumed my email was working and didn't check in on the board for a while. My wife will be back in the country end of March and visiting with her family in Ayuthaya. The bike is there now. It is still available.

    Here is the story on the plates and the registration:

    I purchased the bike and paid an initial deposit. Similar to Peter' story, I was going on the good word of a family associate who had dealt with the Thai bike broker from Bangkok. He assured me that he would get the book changed and everything would be fine. It took months and months and I had to go see some other relatives of the family (lawyers in Thailand, government officials and police officers) to try to sort this thing out. Eventually, the book showed up and all seemed fine.

    Viktor at Red Baron did inform me after he serviced the bike that the frame numbers (which match the book as do the engine numbers) had been "re-struck". He said it was not a big deal since they match my registration book and that it happens often in Thailand. He explained that it allows these brokers to get around paying some tax and that the number used was from an older bike. I confirmed this by looking at the original registration date in my book. It was first registered in 2533 which is 1990 on the Roman calendar. Viktor also explained that the green book I have is recycled and what that means. He again stated it is not a big deal and that it would cause me little issue as an expat. So now I am back in the USA and would like to sell it.

    To answer the plate question from BobS; That plate in the picture was a temporary plate that the broker gave me to use. I used to get around while the book/ownership was being transfered to my wife's name. I just today (3/20/05) confirmed that the new plate is now on the bike and it is registered in the Bangkok(Krungthep) province. I have received a photocopy of the ownership book from my family in Thailand and scanned them onto my computer. If you are curious, I can email you a copy.

    The papers list a Yamaha make with 2 cylinders and a displacement off 850cc. The frame and engine numbers match my records and the new plate number is also listed. I will be paying the road tax this month as it expired on the 24th of Feb.

    If you are interested my email is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    Regards and keep 'em upright.

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