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    Two TDMs - BobS and PeterC on a quick trip to Nan

    Rt 118 - Chiang Mai to Mae Katchan
    Rt 120 - Mae Katchan to Phayao
    Rt 1021 - Phayao to Chiang Kham
    Rt 1148 - Chiang Kham to Hang Thung - some new asphalt near Chiang Kham
    Rt 1097 - Hang Thung to Chiang Klang - very narrow road, but in fair shape
    Rt 1080 - Chiang Klang to Pua to Nan Yao - watch out for greasy asphalt at the U-turns in Pua
    Rt 1169 - Nam Yao to Santisuk
    Rt 1225 - Santisuk to Mae Charim - more patches than asphalt - shoulder riding was the flattest
    Rt 1168 - Mae Charim to Nan - good riding, except for 5km of paving work close to Nan.

    About 450km total

    Standard night in Nan with Silverhawk - Deveraj Hotel and Da Darios restaurant.

    Rt 1091 - Nan to Chiang Muan to Thung Nong - paving work at the T junction at Chiang Muan

    Rt 1251 - Thung Nong to Dok Kham Tai - 60 km of good road in the middle of nowhere
    Rt 1021 - Dok Kham Tai to Phayao
    Rt 120 and 118 back to Chiang Mai

    About 300km return

    By the way, the helmet police were out in Nan in the morning when we left. Looks like the government is serious about enforcing the law all over the country.

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  3. phuah

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    Hi Bob:
    Your update come at a very good time.
    Will be riding up North from Singapore on 26th of December. Based on my draft itinerary plan, will be reaching Nan on the New Year day...

  4. BobS

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    Hi Phuah

    Keep me posted on your schedule. Might get over to meet you there.


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