Tell me your recycled "green book" stories

Oct 12, 2005
As we all know, searching for a titled bike in Thailand is a pain[:(]. There are many bikes utilizing the "recycled book" method for obtaining the goal of having your very own number plate on the back of the bike.

Assuming the numbers in the book match the numbers on the bike. What risks are there? Is it ok for the local "men in brown" only, or can it also pass the muster of a border crossing?

So pull up a stool and chat with me about how good the recycled books can or cannot be.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
If you've got a "real book", then the men in brown are not the problem.
The only problem is having the book & nos accepted by the motor vehicle licensing department when the bike ownership or rego needs to be transferred. If all this is ok, then there is no trouble with the police or crossing international borders.
I would say that most of the GT Riders are operating under this system and it has / is working for us. So no complaints.

Keep The Power On
Aug 7, 2003
Dave is right ,the first thing you do with a "new" recycled book is go across a border so there is some record in the computer and from there on there is no problem. I don't know what happens if it won't pass muster the first time. It is quite obvious that the manufacturing date and the first issue of the book doesn't match, but like Dave as says as long as engine and frame numbers are right it is OK.If it was me I would go across at a bike friendly crossing like Osmach the first time to test the water.
I had a friend get across with an XR250 book on a XR650, nothing matched, he had the parts purchase invoice for the 650,and the 250's plate on it. They checked the numbers(not normal) and shook their heads, discussed it and then asked "Did the falang know it was wrong?" Some panic and we told them the bigger bikes rego wasn't ready but we needed to ride in Cambodia to meet some friends,it wasn't stolen etc. They asked would we come back thru this crossing when we returned? Of course we said.No problem we export the 250 and you come back thru here. Wouldn't recommend this method ,but it shows what you can get away with. I must say this guy is a regular thru that crossing.
Oct 12, 2005
David and harry,

Thanks for the feedback. Onward through the fog of purchasing a "legal" bike in Thailand.