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  1. Hi All,

    Im trying to find more info on a temporary import into Kong Toey. I want to ship bike via sea from San Francisco to Bkk in February 09 for 3 months. I've read all the info on this site and am aware of rule number 1, avoid Klong Toey. But I'm unsure whether this applies to temporary or permanent. I've also contacted Transpo International and they said they don't want to do it anymore. I know this site recommends KL but in 2000, I shipped a bike, again temporary and it was a nightmare. It took 1 week to clear and I rode north to Thailand, and crossed with no problems. I would like to avoid KL. Can anybody please advise me on how to get my bike cleared at BKK for 3 months. Thanks in advance.

    Yours, Paul T
  2. David,

    Thanks for the great info. You have a great website here. And of course I will post a trip report. Also, looking forward to my maps.

    Paul T

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