Temporarily leaving bike in Laos - under a carnet

Feb 5, 2006
Looking for some advice. A week ago, we collided with a cow on the bike outside of Pakse, in southern Laos. For the most part, it could have been worse, but I sustained a broken collarbone and will be unable to ride the bike for at least a few more weeks, minimum.

We are considering going back into Thailand to relax and recover, but since I cannot ride the bike, it will have to remain here in Pakse. Fortunately, Jerome at the Hotel Pakse is looking after the bike, so I know it will be in good hands. I would like to return to Pakse in a few weeks from Thailand to fetch the bike when I am recovered.

But I need advice regarding the paperwork. When I entered Laos at the Friendship Bridge, the Lao customs authorities accepted my carnet and stamped it. On the carnet, there is an entry date, point of entry, official stamp, and signature. Nothing on the carnet indicates how long the bike can remain in Laos. At the time of entry, I asked the customs officer how long the bike could remain in Laos, and he replied, "as long as your visa, if you extend your visa it will be valid for that extension also". No other paperwork was issued for my bike.

I intend to return and get the bike in a few weeks when I am better and at that time, I will have the carnet and the bike stamped out of the country when I leave Laos.

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle the bike? If I return, the carnet entry date will match the entry date of my prior visa and not the second one...will this be a problem?

Any and all advice is appreciated, we are looking at leaving Laos soon.

David McMillan & Erika Tunick
Paris to Sydney 2005-2006


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Sorry to hear about your little spill, but glad to know that non-one was hurt too bad. It could have been a lot worse, so you were lucky.

I dont think Laos Customs will bother you too much if you're a week or two over.
I just exited from Pakxan 11 days over & nothing was said.
The worst I paid was a US$20 fine for 3 weeks overstay, not that I'd like to try that again.

An option that you might want to consider is to take the bike to Bkk.
In Pakxe you're in good hands with Jerome, who also likes & ride big bikes.
So why not get Jerome to ride the bike across the Lao / Thai border to Ubon, where you can put it on the train to Bkk, then R&R in Bkk.
In Bkk if you need a service on your bike, then get Peter Reid & the Siam Superbike guys pick the bike up from the railway station.

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