Temporary import of my UK reg bike in to Thailand, some questions.

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  1. Hi there everyone! I am going to be sending my UK reg'd Kawasaki ZX6R To Thailand on a temporary import next month and just have a few questions that I need some help with...

    I am using a company in the UK called James Cargo who I have read very good things about! I ride the bike to them at their warehouse near Heathrow and they do everything else such as crating it and paperwork etc... I will then go directly to the airport and fly to Bangkok myself...

    My questions are regarding the temporary import in Thailand as I have read a lot of conflicting information! The main confusion is in regards to if I need a carnet or not? As far as I knew I do not however other things I read say I do need one...? When I arrive in Bangkok I will go to my hotel and then the bike will arrive within the next few days, when I go to collect it I will of course have lots of paperwork to do, is this advisable to pay an agent to help me or not?

    From what ive read temporary import doesn't sound too bad but would just really appreciate some help from others who have done it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for your reply and sorry for my slow response! It's great to hear that I do not need a Carnet as for my bike I was quoted £2400 GBP!!!! Anyhow just getting everything sorted here and then will be off to Thailand with my bike :)

    One other possible issue I may have is that on my bike it says on the petrol tank it states 95 Octane minimum which could be a problem as I am planning to take the bike to Laos (Where I live) Which only has 91 Octane!

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