Tempted by new BMW 650 GT scooter/ opinion of BMW owners?

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  1. Ian, was so kind to set my a seductive photo of the new super scooter http://tinyurl.com/88x8d4y
    It doesn´t look much different compared to my Honda Silverwing but after 6 years and 100.000km I may have a reason to spoil myself.
    My question to BMW owners
    1. would you buy a brand new model, or give it time to ripe?
    2. Your experience with BMW service in CM? Again, would you entrust them a brand new model?
  2. I'm no BMW owner at the time but had several Beemers in the US, hope I qualify!
    I don't see a reason to own a BMW here in Thailand. Japanese bikes are cheaper and you'll find more dealers who offer service.
    Also I've learned that you shouldn't put your "wealth" (it's relative) on display in these parts. And, as I so often realized, less is sometimes more, especially in TH.
    The only reason I'd buy a BMW (here) would be if there's no product that compares to a certain model, or if they offer a feature you can't get elsewhere.
    If I'd be into scooters I'd go for a 500cc T-Max, good as new for 500K.
    How much would this BMW scooter go for?
  3. Hi Pico, need to reply on that one, must say I second Klaus on his post.
    In my opinion I would never buy a brand new model as no development engineer is perfect and therefor the bike isn't. Usually with a new model you'll find some recalls or some design features that are not perfect but need an update/rebuild during the 1st year. Some glitches and problems are always found and are ususally a nuisance. Next years model will have some changes & improvements I'm sure, even if it's a BMW.
    Second, the training and quality of work will not be perfect as also for the maintenance guys a newbie, starts with taking off fairings and braking some plastic parts like hooks that hold them together is a common mishap.
    As for the price, I haven't seen anything published yet but my careful estimates will put it somewhere around THB 650'000.- me thinks.
    So what options do you have ? Honda's Silverwing as Suzook's Burgman are not imported yet, leaves you with the longtime classleader the T-Max 530. Yamaha Square Chiang Mai has sold several of them, the mechanics are good at servicing/repairing them already, so I would go for that one.
    On a more personal note, I have both ridden Burgman 650 and some of Honda's big scooters, although the T-Max has a smaller engine it didn't seem any slower and the quality of the workmanship in my opinion is next to none. When doing service on the FJR I always get the Demo T-Max in red/white for riding home/around and I must admit I already look forward to the next service...........
    Cheers, Franz
  4. Hi Friends,

    Happy to see that the big scooter business is developping in Thailand.

    Riding one, nearly everyday in France and having tested month ago at Milan Bike Show in November laast year, I won't go by far for the BMW's, even if I am a great fan of the brand !

    Fo me by far the ultimate one I tested, at date, is the Suzuki Burgman 650, atleast, in Europe it gives a very good return for money.

    The 650 Burgman is very confortable, powerful with "a magic button", smart to drive with the possibility to switch frm automatic to semi manual gears, double front disks, ABS and all a long list of features I won't enumerate.

    On an other hand, I saw last week in the street a curious big new Honda scooter, I was unable to recognise the model but it looked impressive....

    If you need further information on the BMW scooters, do no hesitate to come back to me, i have gathered few infos around it.
  5. Sorry to Disagree with You all but it was a Brilliant Bike and I would Buy one in a Heartbeat if I actually wanted a Big Scooter style Bike. The Photo doesn't do it Justice, In the Flesh it is Beautiful! The other Main Point which sealed the Deal and prompted Me to send the Photo to Pico was the Price! 495.000 Baht for the Sport & 550.000 Baht for the GT. Cheaper than a T-Max! That's My 2 cents worth anyway?
  6. I'm not saying that the BMWs are not brilliant bikes, I just wouldn't want one here, for above reasons.

    The prices are great, I expected Beemer scooters to be quite a bit more expensive.

    I'm not in the market but a brand-new, legal bike with green book for that price might just be the better deal.
  7. Well she is, bikes are she s, is certainly sexy, spontaneous sex is wonderful, but. I must consider other qualities, after all my bike is a beautifully disguised handicap vehicle. Reliability matters most. I can´t afford to have a break down, even changing the rear tire is an undertaking.
    Your bikes go on most pick ups, lifting not easy but doable. Mine? 400 plus KG, 100 cm wide? My Silverwing has been beefed up to that weight.
    No OM automatic transmission, no OM clutch will give the same performance, (JCosta variator and Dr Pulley´s HiT Clutch, actually developed for buggies, both will not be available for the 650GT because of no sales volume , as yet)
    In the US Honda is selling a new Silverwing 600 but little changes. I read on the US forum that one guy did 300.000 miles not km with minimal maintenance..
    Will happily ride on with mine, nothing to complain about, like turning back to your trusted wife after some wild dreams.
  8. Hi Friends,

    Just remember that I had some pictures about these new BMW scooters I shot, when visting the 69th International Bike Show in Milan Italy last November (ECMA) with a friend of mine.

    I want to share with you, for the pleasure of your eyes, not necessarily to promote the BMW scooter...






    On an other hand, I wanted to point out as well that our Euopean Bike Dolls can easily compete with their "Asian" me too....

    You to judge !

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