1. working 8)
  2. Haha. I was just checking if my pic under my details would show. It did... so test was successful!
  3. testing

  4. Stubzi, yes testing times when pictures don't show up as expected


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  5. Auke, Thanks! What did I do wrong?
  6. Not sure about that but as I could not get the picture to show up using the "normal" way with xxxxxxxxx[img], etc. I just clicked on the picture in Picasa and copied the Image Location.

    The Image Location was shown as [url="http://lh4.ggpht.com/_dF6oqLcvyjQ/SgjsEhP1OGI/AAAAAAAAABs/Jy74c0kPED8/s640/037%20%282%29.JPG"]http://lh4.ggpht.com/_dF6oqLcvyjQ/SgjsE ... 282%29.JPG[/url] and I put this in the message and suddenly the picture did show up.
  7. ok, adding my own test here:

    <img src=""url]
  8. I hope i got that now:

  9. imag0028qh.th.jpg

    thanks david,
    but why is it so small??
  10. maybe file was too big for to display. so i made my foto smaller. seems to work now.

  11. Difficult to say and as I am no longer able to moderate messages I can not check things but can only guess. This is what Imageshack says about sizes/resizing pictures:

    i5c13 How do I resize my images using ImageShack?

    Select an image to upload, then checkmark the box next to "Resize Image?" Finally, select a new size from the drop down menu and click the "host it!" button. Your image will resample and resize based on the dimensions you selected. However, you cannot resize an image to be bigger than the actual source image that you upload. Your image's original proportions will be kept. Flash and Video cannot be resized.[/color]

    So I assume that, when uploading the pictures, you selected thumbnail and that is what you get. Try uploading the actual size as you can always reduce the size if required.

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