testing Bikes


Oct 17, 2006
Over the last week i have been lucky to extensivly test several New bikes in the UK ,

Triumphs were the New Bonny 900 which handles like dream and is very smooooth but is engine gutless a pleasant bike nethertheless.

The New 1700 Thunderbird cruiser is Awesome it has a real high quality finish and for such a big beast the handling is great and the torque massive anyone who buys a big twin HD instead of this is an idiot.

Street triple RR 675 is the best new bike around i really want one but in thailand its too pricy fantastic engine superb tractability in every gear ,huge torque for such a small motor ,comfort and handling brilliant , probably better than a new Ducati monsters in my eyes. £6900 in UK £14,000 in Thailand

Ducati desmoseideci , what can I say fantastic 200HP 220mph V4 £43,000 amazing and scary a real privelidge to be allowed to ride this machine for 2 solid hours.

New Aprilia RSVR V4 1000cc almost as good as the Ducati Desmoseideci but at £ 13,000 affordable I want one too.

so i wont be selling my 2000 monster 750 or 1991 750ss as they still push all the right buttons for me in UK and stand me in for very small money now , and the S4 does all i need in thailand ..but i would like a Triumph st 75 as well.


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Feb 6, 2006
I've got to agree with everything you said about the Street Triple.

I had a day at the local Triumph dealer last week and tested the Tiger, Speed and both versions of the Street back to back. All good fun but the Street was something else. I put my money down on the STR mainly due to the brakes and got it at £6500 on the road including radiator cowl, fly screen and belly pan.

Sadly, working this w/e weekend but looking forward to picking it up Monday. Hopefully, there'll be a more sensible pricing policy in place before I move back to Thailand.