Tha Thom Guest House?

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  1. Planning on a drive south from Phonsavan to Paksan in early April. Might need a place to RON enroute, perhaps at Tha Thom. Any reports of guest houses there?

    I note the one back at Tha Vieng, saw that one in December. Didn't look too elegant but, if needed, at least out of the rain. Believe Jeremy stayed there about then.

  2. Yes, there is at least one guesthouse (the Tha Thom GH) but just as in Tha Vieng do not expect to much. Early last month there was no electric light but as EdL was working on the wiring, this may have changed now. Beer Lao however is in ample supply as well as LaoLao. Maybe JimOi has some more updated information.
  3. Auke

    Thanks, good to know as a backup.

    Do you happen to have a phone number for the place, if need be?

    Back in early December it took us about 6 hrs from Phonsavan to Tha Thom and another 3+ hours to Paksan, in the dark.

    Fun drive, tho, happy to do it again rather than backtrack to Sala Phou Khoun and south to Vientiane.

  4. Hi Mac,

    Sorry, don't know the mobile phone number of the Guesthouse.


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