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  1. Tha Ton, a place where most folk go through on the way north has a great eatery, Sunshine Coffee.
    Well worth a visit for some excellent coffee, farang and Thai food. You wont be sorry you stopped.


    Just a sample for a snack...

    Heading north, its just before the bridge (about 100 mtrs) on the right.:thumbup:
  2. Funny thing, we ate there on the way up to the Akha festival & had BLT too!
    Good wholesome servings, run by a pommie's wife.
  3. I'm quite often riding up this part of the country so I'll give this place a try. The sandwich looks very good so thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Apple River Villa,

    North side of bridge, East side of bridge,

    Little dirt road leading down to left just at the start of the bridge as you are heading south,

    On the GT Map.

  5. +1 for the BLT at Sunshine and an added bonus is the padded wicker seating if your @rse is feeling a bit worse for wear :)

    Apples is especially good at this time of year when the Kok river is literally lapping at your doorstep (at least it was at this time last year) Don't miss the turn-off like I did. it's literally right at the bridge, quite narrow and easy to miss.
    I'll probably be up that way soon. Arriving CNX tomorrow for a month:happy4:
  6. I have started using the Marble Restaurant, 30m west along the road from the Sunshine. Reason - Free WiFi. The place is run by Khun Yut, a biker and member of the Freedom Motorcycle Chopper Club. 18 guys in their club.
    Helpful guy, food seems ok.
  7. Jack's Coffee & Bakery




    Heading North towards the bridge
    On the left hand side
    300 metres south / before the bridge.

    GPS Waypoint: N20 03 30.5 E99 21 37.8
  8. The New Ton

    Fresh open air. Nice ambiance. 


    Tha Ton's new hot spot pub & restaurant.


    Folk Music


    Large servings of food for cheap prices.


    Big TV for live sports - football & MotoGP.


    Location just before the bridge, left hand side heading North. "You can't miss it."

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  9. Update December 2016
    Food & service at the New Ton is still good, but sadly no more music.
  10. A romantic spot by the river

    The Rim Kok
    on the north side of the river between Apples Resort & Tha Ton Inter

    A cubby hole of an entrance

    but inside a nice open atmosphere with views


    music on some nights?
    but not tonight dear.

    The service was attentive & the food really quite good - the late night snack we had, such that on my next over night in Tha Ton I will be dining at the Rim Kok, no matter who the company is.
    Well worth checking out.

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