thai driving test question re/ colour blindness

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  1. apparently there is a colour blindness test as part of the driving test in thailand ... ailand.pdf

    anyone any experiences ?

    im going to have to sit my thai driving test soon
    and i have a slight red and green colour blindness
    which is a bit weird as im always wondering how other people see things

    try this test
    and tell us what you see...............
    i can see only

    2 out of 6

    25 20 (wrong)
    spots 56
    spots 5 (wrong)

  2. Hello yeeha,
    Just did the test 2 days ago...and I have red/green colour its called.
    I have real trouble with the Ishihara discs, I just did the test and same results as you....You'll be fine in the test.
    In the Thai test they only use red, green and yellow....the guy points to the different colours about 3 of each....easy.
    Then you do a test with a cable and 2 markers, getting them parrallel to each other, might be a bit tricky if only one eye!
    Next test you put your face right up against a machine with your nose as the distance gauge. You look straight at a yellow dot and on your left and right periphiral (Sp?) vision they change the colour diots thru red, yellow green. I had trouble here and couldn't work it out had a few goes and was made to wait. Last go I sat in a chair instead of squatting...akward height. This made it really easy to see. If you have trouble get as low to the machine as you can..
    Hope this helps some..
  3. Also it all depends on who's doing the paper work etc at the DL place. With the correct paper work they might just want to get rid of this annoying farang & get you out the place asap. It happened to me with my bike licence & car licence. If your doing it in some back water place then you could be lucky but in Pattaya for example they're more use to dealing with us so take your pick.
  4. cheers guys
    thanks for the replies
    im feeling better prepared now

    i used to work as a commercial diver and have bad memories of the dive doctor and how he used to roar with laughter when we did the Ishihara disc tests every year.
    it never stopped me getting my certificates year after year and my boats mans certificate.


  5. How would red/green deficiency affect your driving abilities?
    Everybody knows red is the upper, green is the lower light.
    If in doubt, stop, and the guy behind you will honk if it is green . . .
  6. To everyone on this forum that might be the case...but....remember where you are Klaus, the vast majority of road users here take no notice what light is on[:D]
  7. The ishara test is discredited in the medical profession ,but industry still uses it as a standard I am not colour blind but cannot pass the test which has cost me many jobs, but eye specialists tell me i have enhanced colour vision .
  8. Discredited? Really? I've yet to read/hear of Ishihara's color blindness tests being discredited. I guess I should toss out what was the most expensive book I've ever bought...based on cost per page. Darn book was $200...for a mere 24 pages (24 eye test plates)!
  9. What is the story with these discs ? Are you an optician?
  10. My eye specialists in UK have told me the Ishihara test is rigid but a useful guide to trained specilists but when used by many industrial medical auxilaries and government dept who do not understand its limitations it causes many false faliures. I have been told at many job interviews that i am totally colour blind and only able to see in black and white as far as the ishihara test is concerned , but 5 eye specialists have told me that I am able to see all colours perfectly and that the test is flawed this has cost me some well paid jobs in the UK. In fact in the electronic indusrty I am able to see all small colour codes on components and when i was in the military i could easily pick out camouflaged targets .
  12. Monsterman...yes Ishihara, though commonly administered, does have some significant problems with false positives, for which the examiner must be aware. These are more apparent in older people and there is also higher incidence of false positives which occur in mis-reading the plates that contain two digits, rather than a single digit. Unfortunately, the Ishihara is often used to screen commercial drivers...but maybe part of the problem may be the civil employees at the dept of motor vehicles where you could fail as they might hold the test upside down, so the '9' appears as a '6'...[;)]

    M-man: ..'.."real" test is called the Farnsworth Munsell test..

    Also the CAD test, which also may be administered to pilots, etc.

    Segue-back to bikes-anyone going to the Udon Candle Festival 7/29&30?
  13. I have had the Farnsworth Munsell test and it show my sight colour vision to be great, the problem is that the Ishihara test is the one that governments and industry insist on and is often overseen by untrained company medics or H&Rmanagers .

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